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  1. chopperup

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    I have got a buzzing noise coming from my CU (memera 21)when the shower is being used ,this lasts a minute or 2 and then stops even though the shower is still being used.It does not come on when the pull switch is operated ,but when the button on the actual shower unit is pressed.Have i got anything to worry about ? and should it be checked out ?Any clues lads?
  2. supersparky

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    thats not right....could be arching, if you feel compitant remove the cu cover and look at the mcb the shower cable goes into, check the screws are tight, if they are check all the rest,WITH POWER OFF AT THE MAIN SWITCH! dont chect the meter tails, as these will still be live, if you dont call a electrician, it could be internal to the breaker or shower or switch, the arching stops because it 'cleans' itself after a period of arching

  3. Jack

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    arcing ( no h )

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