Can a fridge be plugged into an oven?

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    This feels like a fire hazard? But I unno, I’m reading conflicting things online.

    My landlord replaced my super old oven with a newer one. The fridge is super old, too, but it works just fine.

    However, they had to reroute a little bit and now the oven plugs into its own outlet, but the fridge is plugged... into the oven. With an extension cord...

    The whole thing makes me nervous. Is this up to code?
  2. AnotherTopJob

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    Not sure what you mean by the fridge plugs into the oven?
    If it shares the same double outlet that's ok.
    An extension for a fridge should be safe although perhaps not the best practice.
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    Most fridge instructions say do not use an extension cord, the reason is they can be damaged if there is too much of a volt drop, there is with most refrigeration units (non inverter) a motor overload so if power is removed and reconnected in a short time it will trip allowing the pressure to drop before trying to re-start, the overload is OK for the odd use, but if it is allowed to trip many times, it will fail, and on start there is a heavy load, so the increased resistance of the extra fuse and cord set can in theory reduce the voltage enough to cause the overload to trip repeatedly and so fail.

    In real terms this is unlikely to be a problem, and does not cause a danger, and with modern inverter refrigeration the start load is very much reduced and there is no real problem, but the manufacturer still seems to include the warning not to use extension leads, at one time the regulations said manufacturers instruction must be followed, but it was clear there were things in manufactures instructions which were in error, so not it only says manufacturers instructions must be taken into consideration.

    Slight difference with rental property is the inspection and testing, the installation and the appliances are often independently tested, so a permanent installed extension cord could easy be missed, and any cord set should be in free air, so technically it my be incorrect use, but in real terms one is being a bit pedantic picking up on such a minor thing, it is likely no problem.

    I have worked where the manager in charge has eaten the rule book for breakfast and would want to see minor works certificates and PAT testing records for such work, but I would not dream of completing them for my own house, and I would not thing anyone would, the PAT testing and EICR is not really to protect the tenant, it is to protect the landlord, so if some thing goes wrong he can wash his hands and say I did my duty. Same for the electrician, if some one makes an error and some one is injured, if I have a bit of paper saying I tested, then courts are likely to believe it was some one else, without the bit of paper likely I will be blamed, so it helps protect the electrician by completing the paperwork.

    But in real terms it is just a bit of paper, and I have seen people PAT testing with a role of labels on their belt, and the appliance changes its ID number every time it is tested.
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    Lol quite literally plugged into the oven

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    Thank you very much! Feeling much better now. :)
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    You are obviously not in the uk. We do not have cookers like that here, with sockets on the front and cable like that with a plug on it.
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    I see, that cooker looks about 50 years old unless it's a retro style.
  8. I-Man

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    These American cookers make no sense to me...WHY have the controls at the back where you would have to reach over hot pans/pots and the hot elements themselves?????
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    Not just American, it wasn't that long ago the Electric cookers were like that here with the controls at the back,there were different models from different manufacturers. An example here.
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    Looks a load of old scrap that Cooker!

    God knows what the Fridge looks like! :rolleyes:

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