Can an engineer still test any fault of the Liberty EG4v11?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by jsmlsfd, Jun 28, 2021.

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    Could you pls help me?

    In my house there is the Liberty EG4v11 for gas meter reading. It was installed in 2018 and the gas supplier at that time was different.

    Last year I switched to e.On and it seems the smart meter is still working.

    I attach the picture of the gas meter reading.

    As you can see, between March and April, the gas amount suddenly went up very highly.

    Only now did I find out this problem and have contacted e.On who will send an engineer to test the gas meter, two weeks from now.

    My question is: Can the engineer really check if the Liberty EG4v11 had any fault between March and April.

    My concern is any likely problem happened a few months ago and it is now impossible to investigate.
    gas meter.PNG
    My sincere thanks,
  2. quasar9

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    It’s strange there is a jump between March and April this year and then seems to go back to normal for May and June.

    the engineer will test its current operation and determine if it’s reading correctly now as it’s unlikely the meter has any logged readings. As I understand, gas meters communicate with smart electric meters which transmit the gas readings to a central database as well as its own readings. These are normally set for a daily reading although some companies offer hourly readings.

    if the meter proves to be faulty, it will be replaced and your bills recalculated on the historic usage.

    Keep them (supplier) in communications and ask for explanation as to why there was a jump in readings.
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  3. Ask or check online for the daily figures. That is some big jump

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