Can I connect Glass Shower screen horizontally to tile wall?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Joanna24, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Joanna24

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    DC2135CA-676F-4B5F-A647-4FDF0793DD34.jpeg Hi, we’ve just had our bathroom done and the area around the shower is walled in but not enough to prevent water going over the side, so we still need a glass shower screen. It cannot connect to the wall edge because this wouldn’t be over the bath, so it would need to be connected to the left side inner tiled wall and come out from there. Does anyone know of any connectors or screens made for this purpose please?
    (It can’t connect to the back wall because it would firstly look strange to have glass in front of the tiles and also would smash if it slammed against it.)

    thanks! 5031EA03-B073-4B78-AFEE-B87A06E01CF9.jpeg
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    Have you considered a round or circular shower curtain. Some are quite stylish these days.
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    Had this same scenario in my rental property... for the purposes of renting to tenants, I just ending up fitting an L-shaped shower curtain, but ideally would fit a 300mm or so screen, but couldn't seem to find anything suitable
  6. Mr Rusty

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  8. Lewis Carr

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    And as its non moving and will therefore be properly sealed against bath ridge will be no leaks under it unlike you can get with moving types, having it coming far up enough, but not so far it would interfere with someones arm holding a GnT in Bath.

    Could be a pain trying to run a bagh though actually, depends ratio of bath to shower use on this one perhaps.
  9. Joanna24

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    Thanks all! Yes there was a shower curtain there before but I just think it would be a shame as a glass screen would look much smarter.

    I’ve found the 300 x1400 mm glass but they all seem to work vertically from the wall rather than having a hinge that connects horizontally.

    I have found this hinge, which maybe would work with 2 or 3 of them?
  10. Mr Rusty

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    did you not see my post? buy some white aluminium box section. Screw to your wall and fasten shower screen as normal.

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