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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by candoabitofmoststuff, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Came home yesterday evening and noticed that the heating/hot water system pump was running. It was a good hour after programmer had ceased any possible call for hot water...

    Boiler wasn't running.

    System is a BAXI Solo 3 PFL 70, (heat only boiler)

    The boiler turns the pump on when needed. It does have an overrun built in, (5ish minutes).

    I turned the power off to the system, waited a little bit, then turned it on again... pump starts running again. Boiler still off.

    So pump is getting power from boiler.. so probably boiler electrical issue.

    I just turned the power off to the system overnight.

    I've turned it on again this morning and all seems well.

    Now it might be a red herring, but we had a powercut yesterday. I don't think there was any demand on the boiler at the time, but I can't be sure...
    Anyhow, my thinking at the moment, if the problem returns, is that the circuit board gubbins might need replacing;


    This doesn't have any gas connections, and is accessible easily, without removing boiler combustion cover.

    If I determine this is the problem can I replace this myself?


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    By rights when working on a boiler you should do mandatory 26.9 gas checks.
    "Working on" is above and beyond what the user is able to do. Taking tools to a boiler is working on it so checks need to carried out.
    You'll have no problems replacing that PCB and it's highly unlikely anything will go wrong.
    Some boilers PCBs control gas rates and pressures etc and need to checked when replaced
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    If it’s not done it again, it’s probably the relay was latched when the power cut, and now it’s reset.

    All ok now

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    It's certainly been OK since!

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