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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by MGW, Mar 15, 2021.

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    Well now into August and still no licence, they returned my D801 form after 99 days saying that after 28 days they delete the on line application in spite of saying on website the 21 days has been extended to 90 days due to colvid19, (It took me 56 days to be able to travel to see some one who had known me for over 3 years.) it said to reapply on line and resubmit the D801 form, with the letter, why they sent the form back to me I have no idea, so letter, D801 and D1 form set back return of post with two independently signed photos so no excuses, then they send another D801 form, I assume in error.

    The tracking number shows no change, and when I go on line in spite of sending me letters to new address, unless I enter old post code it says check for error, so it is very clear web site is not being updated.

    So only driving when no option, but am driving and assume the clause 88 does allow this, as with two application forms one must be right. So I feel I have made a valid application.

    However wife is different, it says her licence has been revoked, and gives no reason why, it seems it can be revoked for a non driving related reason, like being a terrorist, and we have never had a letter telling us it was revoked even when it says we should get a letter and have 21 days to object, but when one does not know why revoked it is hard applying for it's reactivation. So she has sent in a D1 form, but no idea if valid as still not been told it has been revoked, only found out when she was caught speeding. That find paid and 3 points, but not sure if she will be taken to court for driving without a licence, one would have thought when she sent in her licence for an address change they would have told her that her licence was revoked, without having a letter from the court.

    As with my licence using current post code nothing comes up on website, only using old post code before we moved does it show anything, so not a clue if she can drive. The way it is going the year will have lapsed before we get licences.

    Talked to brother-in-law also hit 70, and he has also heard nothing after trying to renew his licence, he already had a photo licence, so does not need the photo signing, but here in heart of Wales there are very few buses, and the train service stopped due to colvid19, and no local taxi service, so down to using an e-bike, and they are not safe on these roads.
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    Only yesterday there was a report of massive spend by the govt in terms of keeping ancient IT systems alive.
    Once you get into these govt agencies Kafkesque loops there is only one way out.

    gather and record every attempt to resolve this issue, date time etc

    Raise a formal complaint. This won’t do much but acts as evidence that normal resolution processes have failed.

    write or better go see your MP.

    Better still, ask the assistance of a national newspaper. They have direct contact via the press office and DVLA aware of bad press will speed things up.
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    Still nothing, think I need to apply for my 2024 licence renewal now to get it in time?
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    Hi Guys
    Well I hit this problem as well

    I had a 3 year medical extension after a problem that was reassessed.
    My 3 years were up 20 July 2021 so I needed to reply.
    I was reminded by DVLA to renew so I applied on line June 3rd.
    No reply as yet. Like others I had to pass all the Section 88 parts.
    I did other than have you been TOLD not to drive.
    I have not nor have I been told i CAN.

    I sent a letter to my GP Clinic (yes those old fashioned things) regarding this 1st July 2021
    Phoning being a waste of time.
    2 Further letters were not replied to in any manner.
    I checked with the GP Clinic. They had received them and were in my GPs hands.

    I am 87 my wife 82. My Grey matter still works ok. She does not walk well WE need transport.
    I ended up contacting my Main Northumberland Police HQ.
    On keyboard of course.
    This ended in " I am sure its OK for you to drive sir. As long as the vehicle is legal. It is.
    Minutes later I got a an email copy of the total conversation I had with the Police
    All dated and timed. All this paperwork DRs letters DVLA forms all are in a folder
    in the back of my car.
    I will just wait.
    What a mess dont you think Shame on DVLA/Government.

    Johnny M
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    Nice to hear a good story about the police and motorists Johnny
  6. JOMEL

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    Hi Stevie.
    Well that did not raise much interest,
    So am I the only one driving without an in date licence ?
    So what have others done ?
    Johnny M
  7. stevie22

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    My wife for 1 Johnny, just straightforward reaching 70, no medical issues. She is just carrying on.

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