Can I lay laminate flooring directly on Celotex/kingspan insulation?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by jimmy_joe90, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. jimmy_joe90

    jimmy_joe90 New Member


    Has anybody layed laminate flooring directly on top of kingspan/celotex insulation?

    I need to insulate a concrete floor walkway my but only have 40mm clearance on my external doors :(

    I could make a floating floor using celotex/kingspan insulation and 18mm TG p5 flooring - to finish with laminate. :)

    Can I lay 8mm laminate flooring directly onto a thicker insulation?

    The floor is simply a walkway, without any furniture exerting continuous pressure.

    I can fix the insulation to the concrete using flexible tile adhesive, and also lay battons for added strength - possibly 600mm centres at 90degrees to the laminate if need be.

    I shall also add a dpm.

    Is this a practical alternative?

  2. JMH

    JMH New Member

    Hi Jimmy

    I haven't laid any laminate flooring on top of kingspan/celotex but I see no reason why you couldn't. What you may find over time though is that the kingspan compresses and creates tracks, an alternative is a product called marmox ( just search for it) Marmox gives higher r values per thickness than kingspan but is cement based so the compression is not an issue, if you didn't want the insulation layer to float you could fix it with an adhesive (probably floor tile adhesive) but check that with the good people at marmox (very helpful).
    As far as a dpm is concerned there should already be one under the concrete floor.

    Hope this helps.
  3. jimmy_joe90

    jimmy_joe90 New Member

    Thanks JMH,

    i shall check it out - hopefully it's within budget! I agree my idea's likely to create tracks unless closely spaced battens can prevent dips in the laminate...failing that i could try a thin layer of ply instead of 18mm chipboard...perhaps 8mm ply + 8mm laminate will give me something strong enough.
  4. Matt powell

    Matt powell New Member

    Hi. Did the approach using 8mm ply work? I have the same issue. About 45mm clearance, 25mm kingspan then even 8mm ply will leave me only 13mm for wooden flooring.
  5. ajohn

    ajohn Member

    This thread caused me to look around as I too have this problem only in some ways worse. Think I have found a solution.

    Marmox produce a type of block that is damp proof. It seems it still needs a dpc adding but only to satisfy building regs as they are ok on their own.

    Eco - versal insulation can be used either under or over a concrete slab. Seems to me that under it is the best option as the slab will spread any load on the insulation.

    Then what ever is required on the slab.

    My need is for a conservatory / permitted extension and the internal floor level is very similar to the external one where it would be built. I doubt if this is a job I would do myself but I did discuss it with a builder who was doing some other work for me. He did say that building inspectors may favour insulation on top of a slab or underneath it when I suggested a possible solution to the problem a build would have. ;) Hopefully the Marmox blocks can solve the other problem the lack of ground clearance leaves in my case. Sounds like they could.


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