Can I resell my Powerpoint 2007?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Devil's Advocate, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Aye, so as well as being the Microsoft technical helpline for me dad, I'm now The Ubuntu helpline for er indoors. :D:D:D:D:D
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    That ain't a result. That's a cop-out. I coulda got ya back in.

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  4. joinerjohn1

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    Can't see how Handy. If the computer won't start, no one can remotely access it (unless you were prepared to travel up here and fix it) ;);)
  5. Mr. Handyandy

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    Press a certain button/key while it's starting, takes you to other options(like system restore).

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    Tried that Handy. couldn't even start in safe mode, last known good configuration. Doesn't have a manufacturers restore partition. Ahh well she's blazing away on't interweb, and is happy. ;););)
  7. joinerjohn1

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    Quick update. Seems the initial problem may well have been the HDD starting to fail. Twice now her computer has froze, requiring a "hard " re-start. When starting again, Ubuntu has had a bit of trouble mounting the HDD, so it can read it. Have used a Live USB of Ubuntu to start the computer and mount the HDD manually and a few times it has failed to mount (not always though) So it seems her initial problems were caused by the HDD and nowt to do with interrupting an update. :oops::oops:
  8. Devil's Advocate

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    Ouch :eek:

    Have you saved all your important docs?!

    Good news - hard drives are dead cheap and dead easy to fit.

    Bad news - you don't have the XP discs should you prefer that over Ubuntu. And, even if you did, support for XP has gorn...

    I don't know how easy it is to 'ghost' your failing hard-drive to a new one you fit? Does your pooter have room inside for a second hard drive? If so, that would save having to use an external H/D kit via USB.

    But, you'd also need to have good guidance...
  9. Devil's Advocate

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  10. Mr. Handyandy

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    Cloning may not work, especially if the operating system is knacked. But it sounds like Ubuntu has been installed over XP now anyway, so anything that was on XP is gone.
    Does Ubuntu have a 'checkdisk' equivalent ?

    Or use the old HDD as a slave and just copy all important files across to new HDD

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    Ubuntu defaults to a dual boot install - and mounts the NTFS disk so it's simple to access the windows partition

    I've used Acronis True Image for years - perfect copy from drive to drive, even to different sized drives - never fails - if the drive fails swap to cloned one and it'll instantly boot - the perfect backup

    chances are it's just a few bad sectors that's caused the XP to fail booting
  12. FatHands

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    ...and once you've got your chosen operating system installed mate, point the "my docs" area to something like Dropbox so if you have problems in the future all your stuff is OK.
  13. joinerjohn1

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    Sadly Ubuntu was installed over the top of Win XP. Luckily, she didn't have anything she wanted saving.
    Really unluckily, she now wants to get a new HDD and have Win XP installed on it. :eek:. I've told her Win XP support has all but ended, so I'll check if Win7 will run on her machine and may look down that road.
    Quite honestly I'm caught between a rock and a very hard place. She's used to WinXP and Win7 will be somewhat unfamiliar territory for her. She'll also need antivirus protection (I've been on Ubuntu now for almost 3 yrs with no AV and have yet to find a virus in the wild) (must be why most servers run Linux distro's) ;);)
    Dunno what to do now, although she's found a computer repair company willing to replace the HDD and install Win XP for around £50 (complete) ;);)
  14. Devil's Advocate

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    Grisoft AVG will take care of anti-virus, and Malewarebytes will remove anything more nasty (both free) - so that's all covered.

    A new HD with XP for £50? Blimey - I guess you'd be crazy not to. And you can upgrade to Win 8 any time if you felt like it for around £45.
  15. joinerjohn1

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    I don't think her machine would be capable of running Win8 DA. From what I've seen of Microsoft's latest offering, I wouldn't install it if they were giving it away for free, with a thousand pounds worth of other software thrown in. :D:D:D:D
  16. Phil the Paver

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    Agreed my dealing with Win8 haven't been good, in fact it's been total rubbish, I still use XP but realise that it will have to be upgraded at somepoint.

    As for anti virus, I allways use Avast free download, never had any problems.
  17. Mr. Handyandy

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    If you have a genuine XP key with the machine, you've no need to pay for any XP install. You can download an install file(probably from Microsoft), burn it to disc or usb flash, install away and insert your key. No cost, only that of a new hard disk, 20 quid from ebay.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  18. FatHands

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    Microsoft no longer support XP mate so i'd be amazed if its on their site anywhere.
    As for getting hold of the (correct) media - it's pot luck because of the plethora of their licensing.
    A know a lot of people to have obtained or paid for an "XP disc" only to find it doesn't work because their key doesn't match the type of media.

    It can be a nightmare!

  19. Devil's Advocate

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    Update: well, I sold my PowerPoint for £36 - so pleased with that.

    Looked around for a cheap Office 2010. Found one on Gumtree - Office 2010 Pro... - for £40, which the guy assured me was legit. Cough.

    Anyways, with nothing to lose (paying by PPayPal), I soon had the thing in my hand. Hmmm, the print quality on the case leaves a bit to be desired. Hmmm, not a single hologram anywhere to be seen.

    So I emails the guy and says - please convince me it's genuine, or I'll have to return it. 'Oh yeah - works fine...' he replies. So's I gives him a choice - I ain't going to risk it for £40 as I read on t'net that pirate copies either won't work at all, or will be de-activated my MS after a month. So, I'll return it (at my cost) for a full refund, or I'll take a chance for £20...


    PP found in my favour and gave me back £20.

    So I install it. After a few non-start attempts. Not looking good. And then it installed... Didn't even ask for a code!

    Man - Office 2010 is awesome! Wow - light years ahead of the Word 2003 I had before. Sooooo chuffed.

    Until I fired it up yesterday and it said I had only 3 days left to activate the copy...

    Gulp - entered the product code inside the case - returns 'not a valid code'.. Double-gulp - tried to activate it via telephone; "you may have a non-genuine copy..." Nice to know the robot voice was obviously called Sherlock...

    2 days to go, man... :(
  20. FatHands

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    DA - There are genuine sellers of software on ebay mate, albeit they won't be selling at £20 but then again their stuff works!

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