Can I temporarily insulate a conservatory roof?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by tonynoarm, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Chippy1969

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    Hi All, as mentioned earlier I've cracked on with my Connie roof... 2/3 done and plasterboarded...see pic... Now I have an issue...
    As you can see from the photo, from the house wall outwards is done.. Which leaves me with the triangles... And as yet have not put the second set of battens on...
    I used YBS ins... The sides were fine because I was only re battening on top of one layer of YBS... The areas around the triangles, because of the 50 mm overlap required now have two sheets of YBS to screw through before I hit my first batten...
    All that is happening is the screw is wrapping round the fibres and getting nowhere near the batten...
    I have then tried, where my screw holes are too make a bigger hole and try to "clear the way".. But this does nt seem to work!.. I'm now thinking maybe a nail gun, but am not happy that the fixing would be good enough...How am I going to get these battens fixed?!!! Help please

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  2. I've heard that that stuff can be a pain to screw through :)

    I dunno - perhaps a few turns clockwise followed by a few anti? Screw in in half-turn increments...


    (Nice work so far, tho... ;))
  3. Chippy1969

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  4. Ok, here's an idea...

    Drill clearance hole in t'battens for t'screws.

    Push screws into t'oles and position batten in place, tight against t'insulation. Press drill/driver in place. Work oot roughly how many turns it'll take to drive the screw home.

    Then, whilst pressing the screw against wot it's gonna screw in to, drive it in reverse that number of tunrs. Hopefully the fibres will have wound themselves on to the screw shaft that number of times.

    Now set to 'clockwise' and drill the screws home...
  5. Chris Sheraton

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    As a little test: can you drive a screw through the insulation and into the first baton? (ie. Without the second baton in the way for now?)

    The trick is as much pressure as possible on the screw tip to puncture through the insulation before you even start turning. Once it bites the screw will do the rest for you.

    It's not easy I'll give you that.

    You should be using self tapping screws with the second set of batons pre drilled so the screw thread doesn't grip. That way as the screw bites into the baton already up it pulls the second baton in tight.

  6. Chris Sheraton

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    I also remember cutting away some areas of the overlapping bottom layer of insulation and taping up.

    Otherwise the double insulated areas are really thick even when compacted between two batons.
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    Cheers DA

    Glad you understood, long winded way to say screwings hard work lol,
    I have tried drilling really slowly and reversing, not really worked
  8. Chippy1969

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    Not a bad idea DA, I'll give it a whirl ta
  9. Chippy1969

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  10. Chippy1969

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    Hi Chris,
    Yeah I've tried screwing straight through the YBS but the screw wraps up immediately....but I am using wood screws!... Presuming self tapping screws that have a thread less first few mm? So the threadless
    length spins in the YBS without catching it?
  11. Chippy1969

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    Like th
  12. Chippy1969

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    Hi Chris,
    if you cut away some of the bottom layer did you still have any overlap? Thinking now, my first battens have all got 2 layers on them and it was an **** to staple them to the batten... Hindsight maybe I should have done the overlaps between battens, which would have left only one layer to get through... ? Hope that makes sense
  13. Ah.

    Could you not mark out on the insulation where the screws will be going through, and then on one layer cut half-inch-wide slots for the screws to pass through without making contact with this layer?
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  15. Chippy1969

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  16. Chippy1969

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    Well Gents
    As you can see from the photo battens on!! I started from the right and de stapled... Moved ybs across so the join and overlap were between battens... Only one sheet to screw through and boom... Happy days... Took me a week to do everything else, but stalled a week on them battens.... Plasterboard to go and skim skim skim... Thanks for all your replies and thoughts guys

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  17. koolpc

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    Is the conservatory still standing?
  18. daniel_3855

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    I am wondering why no one ever thought about putting up some sound proofing then the insulation then cladding. As without the sound proofing it's still a little noisy when rains?
  19. koolpc

    koolpc Well-Known Member

    We have glass on ours and is ok regarding rain noise.

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