Can I tile onto MDF

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    Can I tile onto a small area of MDF?

    I've battened out a small area of a wall to approx 110cm height above the floor so the bath fits in snug rather than leave a 80mm gap at the end of the bath. Its only a bath area, no shower above the bath so not prone to getting heavily wet.

    Instead of using plasterboard I used 18mm MDF on top of the battens because I had a fair bit left over after making the bath panel - may as well use it rather than chucking it in the bin. It'll act as a shelf approx 500mm above one end of the bath.

    My questions are?
    1) Is it ok to tile onto MDF rather than plasterboard or aquapanel? Again not going to get heavily wet. The actual area of MDF to be tiled is approx 0.6 sqm.

    2) Do I need to put any kind of priming onto the MDF before tiling?

    3) Should I use flexible adhesive on the 18mm MDF which is 800mm wide and battened at 400mm centres?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Take the MDF out and use WBP plywood.

    MDF shouldn't be used around bath and showers, it's like a sponge and a little bit of damp and it will begin to break down.

    Tiling onto ply should be done with flexible adhesive and grout.

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