can someone give me some advice please.

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    hello i am looking in to buying my first ever miter saw i would like to know if this one is any good - Ryobi Ems-2025scl 254mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 240v thank you
  2. mackie2412

    mackie2412 New Member

    are you experienced with any mitre saw?
  3. Know it all

    Know it all New Member

    what r u looking to cut?
    What sizes?
    Whats ur budget?
    How much use is it for?

    Answer theses and i can give ya lots of advice!!!
  4. Guest

    i am looking to cut 4 x 2 CLS and yes i have had expierience i want to know if its a good saw is it worth the 179 quid ty
  5. Know it all

    Know it all New Member

    doesn't sound 2 bad, i've got the 24v dewalt, and the new dewalt 718 mitre saws, and a ferm 50 quid one which is idiel for cutting 4x2s if thats the only mass timber ur going to cut, Screwfix have a hitachi for £150 that will cut 4x2, but how much u want to spend depends on how much ur going to cut. i use the dewalt 24v cos i build lots of roofs where theres limited electricity. so look for instance in screwfix, at the range and the prices, and find urself value for budget depending on the sizes ur going to cut most do not buy a bosch cordless £400 if ur just building one stud wall!, and remember, for the odd job where you have 8 or 10 inch timber, you can always hire a saw!!

    Hope this was helpful
  6. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    I have always used an 8" sliding mitre saw in the workshop but had some larger timbers to cut, including some 3" fence posts.
    I was thinking of getting a 10" sliding saw then saw one on sale on the yes661 shopping channel.
    As I only needed it for one job I decided to buy one.
    £86 for 290 x 75 cut.
    When it arrived I realised it is identical to the Fox sold by Rutlands for £150.
    The atrocious Chinese translated manual took some time to decypher but I found that its cross cutting was 305mm (12") x 90mm (3½")
    It also has a depth stop for trenching which hadn't been advertised.
    The blade is 60 tooth TCT.
    I tried it and found the cut wasn't square so adjusted the fence to its maximum and still couldn't get a square cut.
    I removed the fence and elongated the adjustment slots with a file.
    Half an hour later the cut was perfectly square so I tested its cross cut ability.
    I had no problem cutting 12" chipboard and some 3½" thick pine.
    It's not a quality mitre saw but for £86 + p&p you can go far wrong.
    One advantage with this shopping channel is that you get 5% discount if you have ever bought anything before from them.
  7. two by one

    two by one New Member

    Like alot of others I have the Dewalt 707 which has the advantage of a good depth of cut in a compact machine. If you do fitting work this is useful for things like deep Victorian skirting boards, covings, bookshelves ecetera.

    Electra Beckum do a similar machine with a smaller depth of cut called a KGS255 which you can also set up to do housings, which would be useful.

    If you dont need that depth of cut you could get a cheaper machine. Neither of the above have dust bags, instead they rely on a dust extraction system which is extra.

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