Can you clad an aluminium door and frame with timber?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mike smyllie, Sep 13, 2021.

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    We have a porch, with front door, then an externally rated aluminium door and side panel leading into the house (the door needs to be externally rated due to building regs as the porch is single skin etc.) Therefore the door is actually inside and won't see the weather etc.

    My question is, can the aluminium door and side panel be clad in timber? They are both full height glass. It's just the aluminium looks really dated, and having them oak would match our internal doors. We just can't afford to replace the whole thing!

    Hopefully someone has an answer for me!


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  2. woodbutcherbower

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    TBH with the stratospheric price of kiln-dried oak being what it is, it wouldn't cost much more to replace the whole thing. It would take me longer to muck about cladding it than to build one from scratch. How about just painting it? Give it two coats of Hammerite 'special metals primer' (adheres to virtually anything) plus whatever top coat colour you fancy.
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    If budget is an issue then why not vinyl wrap it? However, much like woodbutcher says, the cost of doing so if you’re paying for it to be done professionally would probably put you well on the way to a new door. It’s not actually that difficult to do though so not much to lose if you want to DIY it. Applied wet it’s quite forgiving. Worth putting your budget toward better quality vinyl if you’re going to give it a go though, and don’t want it to look too plasticky.
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