Can't fit my bath panel, !!**??**!! Please help!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Gem, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Gem

    Gem New Member

    Recently fitted a new bath and am now completely stuck with fitting the bath panel!!! Its got no holes, no instructions and no lip to go under the bath. Any help or advice would be great, Thanks, Gemma
  2. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    oh dear
    problems, sounds like you have not leveled your bath to the hight of the panel. you need to have the underside of the bath , at the size of your panel, usually 20 inches. if there is no lip as you say. you will need to build a timber frame, and fix your panel to the frame.use 2 by 2 . watch you don't nail any pipes under the floor. best to use 2 and half inch screws throu the 2 inch frame to fix the bottom timber.

    have fun
  3. bilco

    bilco New Member

    Hi Gem

    Is your panel contoured plastic?

    It should slip up just behind the rim of the bath and the bottom edge should abutt against a batten fixed to the floor, fixed with self adhesive velcro pads or screws.

    If your panel is too high you will need to cut it down from the bottom edge usually.

    Otherwise go with tom
  4. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi Gem,

    As has been said build a subframe of 2 by 2 inch timber if it will fit. The top edge might not provide enough room to allow for frame and panel to fit flush so plot this carefully and adjust timber width (for top rail)to suit.

    The floor fixings do not have to be massive as the frame will not take pressure or carry any load. But as has been said be careful of wires and pipes beneath.

    To hold the panel on without screws you can use Velcro type hook and eye tape from B&Q which is easy to do. Put some paint on the frame surface first so the sticky back velcro has a good base to stick to.

    I have used magnetic cabinet catches which also work quite well (assuming panel is wood also)but you have to align them properly.

    Take your time to measure it up and plan it carefully. This is reasonbly easy for a DIY'r if you have basic tools.

    Good luck,

  5. Gem

    Gem New Member

    Thanks everyone for your help, i did'nt mention that the top part of the panel is curved and the bottom flat, i just cant see a way around it! thanks for the posts all the same
  6. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi Again Gem,

    Having a s* standing up in a hammock is difficult this should not be. If you are able send some digi pics of the bath and panel I will try to guide you through fixing it. You can contact me on dewaltdisney2003 at yahoo .co .uk
  7. nigel

    nigel Guest

    Sounds like you have it upsidedown?
  8. Gem

    Gem New Member

    I think i'd notice if the bath was upside down Nigel! thanks all the same!

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