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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by M.J.A Electrical Contractors, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. quick question,i have been speaking to a couple of lads in the wholesalers laterly who dont use pvc capping.. personly i believe this is a bit ruff! what are other peoples opinions? and also is capping statatory?

  2. Removed 4

    Removed 4 New Member

    S'funny how 'quick questions' lead to protracted replies....

  3. what's your opinion the lucia ?

    personally ive been in the game 4 years qualfied around 6 months ago through an apprenticeship and recently gained my 17th edition.

    i have always used pvc capping ...
  4. fooman

    fooman New Member

    if its dot and dab plasterboard i just clip direct :)
  5. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    No need for capping, just chase & plaster in. Having said that, if I was running the cable on the surface for someone else to plaster then I would use capping!
  6. sparky308

    sparky308 Member

    Not statutory - just for protection from plasterer. I prefer 25mm oval conduit - easier to fix than that horrible capping.
  7. soo capping isnt a "must" according to the regs .. must be a thing niceic look for .. as im part of a niceic approved company
  8. gazsparky

    gazsparky New Member

    a professional would always cap or tube their cables.
  9. think ive decided to carry on useing capping/tubing as a good working practice even tho its expensive!
  10. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    as im part of a niceic approved company
    I think it's a company requirement then, nothing to do with niceic i'd say.
  11. carry on using capping:D
  12. Removed 4

    Removed 4 New Member

    personally ive been in the game 4 years....

    I wish I could say that!

    My preference has always been for conduit rather than capping. I don't like to see naked cables plastered over - but I have no criticism of those sparkies who do clip direct.

    Conduit is most useful for making later changes to the wiring provided that the conduit actually enters the box and doesn't fall short leaving the last few inches of cable caked in plaster.

    I give no credence to the argument that cable covers are used purely to protect the cable from the plasterer's trowel. Plasterers aren't that /i] careless.

  13. CBR

    CBR New Member

    a professional would always cap or tube their cables.

    I thought that a professional would work to or above the Regs.

    If it's not in the Regs and it costs more money, then don't do it and make more money.

    I've nothing against either method. If a customer wants it I'll price accordingly. If they don't specify it then I'll price to work within the Regs.

  14. sparky Si-Fi

    sparky Si-Fi Screwfix Select

    Ill stand back and watch someone use cap head nails on rough red brick or uneven cotswold stone all day if they pay me a day rate

    If not they go clipped direct.

    Caping is good on fresh Celcons or breeze for new builds/ extensions

    Existing walls with chased out concrete, what a dogs dinner that would look with uneven capping, let alone getting the nails to hold, then splitting the stuff

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