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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by unphased, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. unphased

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    I want to change the radio/CD player fitted in a Ford C Max 2.0TDCi 2006 56 plate. Haven't upgraded car radios since I was a teenager and only just recently thought about doing it. I want to get a bluetooth so I can use it as a handsfree for phone. Any recommendations as to make or brand? I've only started prliminary research and looked at Pioneer but not sure about the LED display. I know Blaupunkt have a fairly good reputation. Are they easy to fit?


  2. Jitender

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    If its a double DIN you have at present you can get a special front fascias if going for single. You may require a special adaptor to fit the new ISO connector - Halfords do. I did have a pioneer one the mic used a lead bit it had difficulty connecting via bluetoorh, get one with a USB so you can listen to your favourite tunes :)
  3. Jitender

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    Just make a note of your code if present is coded (4 digit), it will be in audio log book, you can get the release keys from e-bay 99p to take out old stereo, Ford will charge £10? to provide new passcod or source from somewhere else.

    i.e. if you sell vehicle you can put the original one back in.

    When radio is dissconected from battery the radio will loose its memory.

    If you buy it from Halfords get one of the lads to pop out the stereo using their own key!
  4. wally

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    I would get one that has digital radio, its the modern way to go.    Think if you get a radio from Halfords they will fit it cheap or even for free.    I get my hands free from the tom tom.
  5. joinerjohn1

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    As Wally says. go to Halfrauds. They'll fit it and make sure it all works. Much better than messing about trying to find the correct connectors/adaptors. ;)
  6. Jitender

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    Halfords charge something like £29.99 to fit.

    My car didnt require adaptor, only certain makes of car require this. I fitted myself within 15mins
  7. unphased

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    Thanks Wal. I had a chat to the guy in Halfords about DAB and apparently you do have to fit an additional aerial to receive the digital signal. Jetinder is correct they charge £29.99 to fit and its a fixed fee. But there are 5 separate adapters required to enable the new one to be fitted. The C Max has a double DIN facsia. I was trying to find a YouTube video of one being fitted. Found a couple but not able to sit through it to the end (sooooo boring :) ).
  8. Jitender

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    Hi Un it should only require one adaptor for the new stereo and maybe another for the aerial not 5. They have a book/chart in-store to select appropriate adaptor.

    Again very easy to fit, instructions come available. The harness incorporates wire 12V i(Yellow) - you can tell if these are connected incorrectly. i.e. if you tune into radio station switch off ignition and remove key, the radio should store that channel (as it requires a permanent feed) if not just switch the bullet point connectors around.

    Also go for known brands and look at reviews.
  9. unphased

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    Hi Jitender

    Sorry it was four adapters, not five. The parts Halfords listed were for a Pioneer radio single DIN. These are PC99-X50 Ford s/c adapter, PC5-111 Aerial adapter, FP-07-10 face plate adapter silver and a PC99 adapter (not sure what this is!).

    Its just having the confidence to get the existing one out. :) Seems thats the hardest part. I know the Ford dealership have had the fascia off at least once because eversince the one corner doesn't quite sit right in the frame.

    EDIT: Just looked at the one you linked me to and in small print it says that you need a different one if using the steering will controls which I would like to do. May be why all the additional stuff?
  10. unphased

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    There is one point I hadn't realised. That is, there will be a digital switchover for radio, similar to the one we had with TV. So, its pointless buying a new stereo unless its DAB equipped. Apparently all new cars rolling off production lines this year will have DAB radios fitted as standard. Be warned!
  11. joinerjohn1

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    (mind you, it's a great stereo in me car. You can turn it up so you can't hear the bits dropping off it at 60mph)
  12. Jitender

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    Just had a quick look, if you have a stalk kit it allows the steering wheel controls to control the head unit. The PC99 will be a patch lead suitable for Pioneer headunits only. But the Pioneer headunit must have stalk input compatability to allow you to use the steering wheel contols, otherwise they wont have any affect. So do check the headunit is compatible - if you want to use these controls.

    Yes I think its best to get Halfords to fit then.
  13. unphased

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    :) I like Ken Bruce and Pop Master too. Lynn Bowles has such a great personality...great duo on the radio. Yes. Alas. We are going to lose FM/AM frequencies at some point in the near future so I guess I'll look at DAB then.
  14. Jitender

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    Will that effect short wave radio users, many people still transmit via morse code

    Can anyone guess this code?

    .... --- ... 
  15. Mr. Handyandy

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    Silly old sausage?
  16. Jitender

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    Sorry put extra dit on first character

    it should read  S O S
  17. wally

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    I might be getting on a bit but I changed most of my radios for dab/fm so I could listen to planet rock.    The one in the car, i got a sony which was cheaper to install as I think the aerial for the dab came with it which just is stuck to the windscreen which works fine, saved spending extra money on having one wired.
  18. FM won't be turned off for a few years yet - they've had to delay it again - but it will happen.

    UP, do go for DAB - as long as it isn't too much more than you wanted to pay for a new system. Mind you, I'd have thought that if you are going for Bluetooth, many units would also likely be DAB?

    If you don't want DAB for the moment, you can always fit an ugly, clumsy DAB convertor afterwards...

    Anyways, especially if you are going DAB, get the 'Frauds to fit it. £30 is nothing for the hassle (new aerial and sh*), and you'll likely get most of that back when you sell your old Ford unit on t'bay.
  19. Jitender

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    Are you one of those people who pay them to get the wipers and bulbs changed
  20. If you had seen the nasty blood-blister I got the last time I changed my blades, you wouldn't ask...

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