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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by unphased, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Jitender

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  2. joinerjohn1

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    Hmmm, Not if they're gonna get rid of the FM bands DA. Overnight his old unit will become worth less than an empty Walkers Crisps packet. ;)
  3. unphased

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    I've been looking at buying one for the van, too. I've been recommended an Alpine DAB unit which apparently has a DAB aerial built in to the fascia display (cool!) and looks reet neece.[/URL]
  4. OOoooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooohhh :)
  5. joinerjohn1

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    Very nice UP, but will it drown out the sound of , bits dropping off me car at 70mph. ;);););)
  6. unphased

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    I've had the radio fitted by Halfords. The Peugeot van has a non-standard aux socket with a 3.5mm jack socket and a usb-type socket that isn't. Does anyone know if I can get a rubber grommet to fit in the hole left in the facia where the Peugeot socket used to be that can also grip the loose USB socket attached to the radio. I've been searching the internet for ages trying to find something but no joy so far.
  7. unphased

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  8. Blimey, if Halfords couldn't help you, then you might struggle to find something that's a direct fit.

    Where are the bits that came out of there? I trust you still have that? If so, can you hold on to that plate when you sell on the rest of the system?

    Then get yer files and glue out...
  9. unphased

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    Yeah I've got the old radio but the auxiliary socket has "gone". I'll see if I can retrieve it . in the meantime I just need something to tidy up the hole where the usb lead is poking through.
  10. FatHands

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    If the Cigar lighter blanking plate is there abouts UP- Fords will probaby stock them and shouldn't cost too much either.
    Just a thought mate.

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  11. unphased

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  12. unphased

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    If you look at the third picture that's the rear of the socket. If I could get an adapter that would sit in there with a male usb plug I could just put it back in the hole and plug the usb female on to it that is currently sitting in the hole. Problem is I have no idea what the 4-pin socket is or what its BS ref is or anything.
  13. Mr. Handyandy

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    Will the innards of the aux housing (the plugin part)not come out, leaving a space for your other plug?

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  14. Anyone else surprised UP hasn't resorted to the ol' sparky solution?

    Fill that hole with expanding foam.
  15. CraigMcK

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    That photo has focussed on the desk rather then the pins, so can't tell, but if it's got the same number of pins on the inside (4) , it's probably a pass through, the wiring is available online and just solder the cable on, or get another USB plug from maplin and use that to link in. Then you can keep the new one in place in case of warranty issues.
  16. Mr. Handyandy

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    Or if you can't separate the gubbins from the aux housing, take apart a cigar lighter accessory, fit that in the hole, and fit the usb socket in there!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    Ive just changed my car & left the other dab radio in the one I traded in, (not worth the hassle in taking it out). So will be thinking of fitting bluetooth & dab sometime. Where is the mic Un, is it built in or external on yours. Cant really think a dab aerial will work very well if built into radio fascia as dab needs quite a strong signal Wonder how well it works.
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  18. unphased

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    Hi Wal

    The mic is external. It is tucked in nicely in the centre of the cab roof /windscreen junction. He ran the wire neatly in the plastic stuff and down the frame of the door. He used a 'T' aerial for the DAB which sits in the top left side of the windscreen against the door frame, hardly see it. Sticky pad to windscreen. The Alpine instructions said to use one so not sure if the previous advice about it being in the radio fascia is true. The aerial needs power so he took it off one of the lives on the wiring harness. I am getting perfect reception off it and well pleased with the result. Can recommend that radio if you fancied it. Bluetooth works well with my Nokia. it even supports voice call which the Peugeot radio Bluetooth didn't. In fact Peugeot Bluetooth is rubbish tbh so it was worth the upgrade purely for that.
  19. unphased

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    The Halfords tech used a switched live to connect the headunit. I can't play the radio without ignition on. I asked him yesterday if he could put it on the live feed and he gave a most bizarre explanation. (Bare in mind, the face of the radio gets removed.) He said that when using the off button on the radio it goes in to standby. So it would drain the battery. Hmm. I have asked the question of Alpine and when they pick themselves up off the floor will probably reply. :rolleyes:
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    It happened to me with the radio I had fitted last year un, I wanted to listen when I was having my lunch, I know it drains the battery (especially the volume I have it on sometimes). I asked them to give it a permanent supply which they did when I took the car back so suggest to do the same if you want it working that way. I would imagine bluetooth goes dead as well.

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