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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by The Engineer, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. The Engineer

    The Engineer New Member

    Help needed. Are Static caravan sites classed the same as mobile sites and thus come under the same rules in the regs Sect 608. Also what size MCB is commonly used atthe connection points (16A?). Also can a combined Meter/RCD/MCB and plug outlet be purchased as one unit in a IP rated enclosure that can be installed next to the vans looked in CPC catalogue but non found. Thanxs
  2. jj

    jj New Member

  3. plugwash

    plugwash New Member

    probablly best to keep the length of the flex to a minimum (the standard length given in the regs is obviously for standardising connection accross sites)
  4. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    there are conflicting views on static vans, the vehicle licensing sees them as a caravan, but the regs see them as a Liesure accomodation vehicle.

    A caravan requires a 16map outlet with a 30mA rcd (feedeing no more than 2 outlets), with a 16amp mcb. There is a section in the regs for caravans.

    A liesure accomodation vehicle does not need to fed via a 16amp plug, it may be hard wired (athough this is where the conflict starts, as some caravan site owners class these leasure accomodation vehicles as caravans).

    some parks use 10amp mcb's to try and limit the load.

    there is a company called ROLEC who manufacture hook ups with meters/rcd/mcb/socket. In their design of cable sizes, they allow i think 6amp per outlet as diversity. although they still do use 16 or 10amp mcb's

    Hope this helps a little. Read the section on caravans and caravan parks in the regs.
  5. The Engineer

    The Engineer New Member

    Thanks all for the replies, spoke to Rolec 2day and they do a caravan upstand with Digital meter/RCD/MCB and 16A plug all for 62.50 and a post to site this on for 8.00.
    Thinking of going along the mobile home route for wiring the site, Safety being priority as the site owners may start to request a change of Vans every 4 Years and thus it will be a quick uncouple each time.
  6. plugwash

    plugwash New Member

    might be an idea to see if you can get boxes with both 16A and 32A outlets (meters mcbs rcds etc to match)

    apparenlty some caravans are now being fitted with 3KW instantanious water heaters and so cannot be fullyy run on a 16A feed
  7. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    Rolec do upto 63amp sockets, for 'super sites'.

    We fit 32amp points, and use 4mm flex to the vans.

    With these 32amp outlets, even with diversity applied over several vans, the circuits are still highly rated, and the volt drop is a high consideration for the final circuits and submains.

    We do 3x16amp posts on a 32amp mcb, diversity applied
    or do 2x32amp posts on a 50amp mcb, diversity applied

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