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  1. Wondered if anyone can provide some advice.

    Im 26 and due to be made redundant from my job (warehouse manager).
    I always wanted to get a trade job and now back looking into it.

    How hard is it to get a electrician job if im not doing apprentiship.
    All the jobs ive seen say work experience required.
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    Dont do it ! Youre joints will be all busted up in a few year, your chest full of carp, you will be constantly angry, you will get constant love jobs for no money ( it's only a wire can you fit me an extra socket ) tools cost a fortune, i would go on but my joints are playing up
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    It is hard for an electrician to work without some help, so firms do employ electricians mates and apprentices, and they do pick up some of the skills simply working with an electrician, however you will also need the technical knowledge, you will likely need some collage course to learn this, and even when I started in the late 60's early 70's there were no night classes as in my dads day as most were able to get day release so simply not enough demand to be worth the collage of offering such a course.

    So the best I could find were things like C&G 2382 and 2391 these are really designed for electricians and don't teach the simple ground rules, I was lucky in a way, an injury resulted in not being able to work, so used the time to learn, I did a foundation degree anything more the maths gets rather complex. Although I did level 5 and most electricians stop at level 3, however even that involves some complex maths.

    However most people find the low wages while training and the long hours studying not really what they want, they hope they can speed learn the trade, one would hope no firm would employ untrained labour to do electrical work so the only option is the sole trader, by selecting the jobs carefully you could possibly get away with passing ones self off as an electrician, however for domestic work you need to now be a member of a scheme to sign off work.

    So that is what the courses do, they allow you to get the qualifications to join a scheme, however it will still take around two years. There was a government scheme to help retrain but don't think it runs any more. So in the main to get into the trade means becoming one of those rouge traders seen on TV. OK after a few years they improve but one sees the results of the guy trying to gain a trade all too often.
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    Look in local yellow pages.
    How many electricians.
    How many kitchen fitters doing electrics.
    Then add the botch artists...
    DIYers, ......some half decent....most not.
    retired sparks doing excellent work for family and friends
    Apprentices...doing private jobs.
    Small Builders doing it ...rather than pay a sparks
    That's what you are up against......
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    A deep wallet for starters. .

    If I guess it's the domestic side you want to get into, then a sign up to a scam provider is on the cards, without it in that game its a non-starter.

    NICEIC want to see regs course and a 2391 (or whatever the equivalent is nowadays, sure some keen and Green bod will tell us all in a minute)

    Insurance, a hell of a lot of tools, van of course and thats before we paid any basic household bills

    Don't give up if its something you want to do, only wish I had someone like me to tell me all the bad stuff before taking the plunge, its a massive leap and hard, hard work
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    I started at 25 but did have some building trade background I put myself through college one night a week (don't know if this is still available) while working for an electrician labouring, if you work hard, show enthusiasm you should get more responsibility and it shouldn't take to long to pick up the basics you'll just have to put up with the hours, **** jobs and low wages for a year or two but I wouldn't change it myself, just beware it doesn't change much when your qualified and working for yourself just more money.
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    Love number 5 RS ;)
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    It's not all bad....You can make more than just a living if your good at what you do. Tools and insurance are as much as muchness across trades apart from wood butchers who require a lot more. Some sparks are content at competing at the bottom end of the market for pittance...let them crack on as it leaves more cream for the rest of us.
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