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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Tom911, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Tom911

    Tom911 New Member

    hi guys im a qualified carpenter been doing it for a while now i work for a general builders and we have a plumber on the books however he is now retired (this week) i have been thinking for a while to go to college and train to be a plumber (broaden my skills) as hes gone and i could do general plumbing for the firm plus gives me better leeway for some more money hopefully. However when i was at college for my carpentry they always say you learn more when your at your workplace which is true i found anyway. But as there are no other plumbers on my firm would i find i would learn enough just going to college or would i be better trying to find a plumbing company. I didnt really want to do this as i like the firm im on and been there a while.

    Some peoples opinions would be greatly appreciated
  2. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    ^^^this guy
  3. Tom911

    Tom911 New Member

    is this guy for real
  4. tetleyman

    tetleyman New Member

    Tom911 Can i ask what age you are before i try to give you some advise
  5. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    you can no longer go to college and train to be a plumber,its all changed this yr, u now need an apprenticeship too many people running around with the toilet paper they give out at the end and not getting fully qulified!!
  6. Tom911

    Tom911 New Member

    tetleyman im 23
  7. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

  8. Tom911

    Tom911 New Member

    im not bothered about getting a course for free im happy to pay for it
  9. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    read it and investigate, even if you pay at a training center 6000, you can only do health and safety then u have to have aprenticeship. new rules, last yr 70000 trained at college only 6000 went on to get the full qulification bye working on site for 6 months, so they are doing it all diffrent now. they want to safe this trade from cowboys. soo you will have to get an prentices my friend, hope this helps!!
  10. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    i'm sure centers will get around this but it will cost 15 grand to get fully qulified and you will know nothink,, just like 1 kid on here you know who u ARE!!!
  11. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Solenoid is the resident cowboy in case you have not noticed.

    If your company wants to send you to college to do plumbing NVQ's then you can learn basic plumbing that way. If you want to be fully qualified then you need an apprenticeship.
  12. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Monkey boy I take it you have read the link you attached to this post. I assume that you do not understand what it means so maybe I will help you out.


    That means that this NVQ is being run from september in colleges and enrollment has been done.

    The new course has not yet been fully approved and granted although it is expected to be but god only knows when oh and Monkey Boy no doubt does.....

    Read and learn Moneky Boy
  13. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    this old mans crazy^^^, lives on this site yet knows nothing of what is going on in the plumbing world. no more nvq's. only diplomas qcf's. fix up your old man stinking pants self... ill give advice about training cos i think people need to know thats the beef rite now, other then that ill give advice and ask for some to so u all just chill your silly selfs..
  14. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    fundings only there up to september if you have the 6129. u plank
  15. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Nobody wants your advice Monkey Boy you are thick as pig*

    Read the link you that you posted dipsy, what you are talking about is something that is currently awaiting clearance, it has not yet been granted clearance for plumbing hence the reason they have asked for an extension of the funding for the current qualifications.....I now know this because you Monkey Boy just sent the bloody link....

    Ok ok I am gonna ask you some advice Monkey Boy how do you go about getting some one to stop annoying you? What would you do Monkey Boy and how would you do it? Once you have posted your advice do me a favour and take it yourself......

    [Edited by: admin]
  16. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    I don't need it got all my stuff done a kid. i was just helping out a moroon at first get his facts rite and looks like I have helped u after all read on my son. all you had to do was say thank you. tards just had to get on 1 cc/ccc
  17. tetleyman

    tetleyman New Member

    Tom911,I am a retired plumber i did 47yrs in the trade and seen alot of changes in the trade i.e working practices and materials,plumbing is a dirty hard job and you are learning all the time it will be 4yrs before you will be able to go to any job and know what you are doing if you think you can go on a course for 6 months and think you can do anything forget it, have you thought what you would do if you got a problem who would you ask working for a small company and your the only plumber there,please dont take this personal i am just stating a few facts but if this is what you want to do give it a go and when that first problem happens just think what i said, good luck
  18. Removed 4

    Removed 4 New Member

    Well said, 'teters'.

    Lucia x
  19. coppercc

    coppercc New Member

    Have to agree with tetley I did the course got my stirrups. Yer I learnt the basics but in reality not enough, just the tip of the iceberg.

    Since then I have spent plenty of time with TS guys and learnt 1000% more. The trouble is I believe that no company wants to take on a older/mature candidate for training up, I don't know why.

    I have gone self employed and continue to be getting busier though July not good, but I am careful of what I take on.

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