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    Hello Guys

    Ive been a carpenter/joiner for over 30 years and have recently been thinking of moving into college NVQ assessor/Tutor type work, more about the future than anything as i won't be working on sites for ever. Does anyone know whats required qualification wise or what the first steps are in doing this?

    Any help/infomation would be appreaciated

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    Thanks alot Joinerjohn i made some inroads into that link this morning and made some phone calls going to cost around £795 to complete the assessor award units, a further £30-50 to be vet checked for working in colleges and require access to 2 candidates just starting an NVQ. Few quid to get started but worthwhile in the long run.

    thanks fella
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    Cheers oakwood. I tired to do the D32/33 assessors course about ten yrs ago, but got absolutely no help whatsoever from our local college. I worked for the council and had plenty of people studying for their NVQ 2 quals, but the college were not interested in the slightest when I asked if I could come in to do a couple of example assessments. First chap I spoke to said I couldn't come in as I wasn't a qualified assessor. I explained that these assessments were only examples to put in my portfolio and he said all assessments had to be done on site. I asked how he assessed the candidates in college? "Ahh we simulate site work." Hmmm seems strange they could simulate, but I couldn't.
    Found out afterwards, the college lecturers didn't want anyone else doing the assessments for fear of losing out (as if I was after his bloody job)

    The main thing about assessments is actually understanding the NVQ system, criteria and procedures.
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    Had an informal interview this morning about a possible assessor placement at the local college, glad to say i got the job and got funding for the course, i start in january doing my 3 units in the assessor award with two lads doing their NVQ in site carpentry.

    Also found out that by the end of 2014 the NVQ system is being phased out and going to be called QCF with new training and standards being applied.

    a young lad today was actually being assessed at hanging a door at the back of the workshop, electric planer, jig, router, cordless drill were all in tow

    made we think back to when i was his age,an apprentice joiner we were made to do this using only hand planer, chisel, pump action screwdriver.How times change.

    Anyway a big step in the right direction today and quite looking forward to my new career in new year

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    And yet, when I was doing the D32/33 course, the local college insisted that I would have to do all example assessments "on site" . As these "assessments" were only examples to fill my portfolio, I couldn't understand why simulation couldn't be allowed. After all I wasn't actually going to sign someone off (at least not until I'd got the assessors award) Personally, these days, (due to the recession and the construction industry suffering) I think simulation of site conditions should be allowed. ;);)
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    Hi mark

    ive was thinking for sometime about becoming an assessor just was not sure how to go about it, so i followed joinerjohns link read up on what it entails and then looked at local colleges that do the assessor course, the course itself is as of now titled "vocational achievement assessor" i found a local college that run the course as a first step but needed two candidates so contacted the college again had an interview with them and they can let me start the course (which will be funded by them) in january, it was worthwhile. My advice to you would be do what i done, and just approach the local college as your first step and see what you can get out of them.

    best of luck bud

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