Carpet/door threshold strip

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by DavisonZx10r, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. DavisonZx10r

    DavisonZx10r New Member


    I have bought some door threshold strips for between my rooms.

    They were supplied with no screws. Anyone have any idea on the correct sizes to sit flush with the trim?

    Many thanks
  2. tore81

    tore81 Screwfix Select

    Are you joining carpet to carpet? Any small screws should do it they are normally nailed I forget the name.

    Someone else may know what they are called
  3. DavisonZx10r

    DavisonZx10r New Member

    It is one that lays over the top of the carpets. Though I am using it for laminate to vinyl tiles.

  4. Normally 3 x 20 or close to. 6 x 3/4 in old money. But not always. Length will depend on the fitting depth etc but gauge should be about right

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