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    Good evening again. I'm looking for advice from anyone who's had experience with casein distemper. I have a client who has had a number of walls throughout their house lime plastered. These are feature walls as the rest of the walls in each room are mainly modern plaster and painted with Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion. I am to decorate the freshly lime rendered walls with Farrow and Ball water based casein distemper and the rest of the walls with a F&B modern or estate emulsion. This isn't something I've done before and there isn't a lot of product advice provided from F&B or How-To guidance on the internet in general.

    Does anyone know what kind of brush would be best?
    I gather you need to brush the whole wall. F&B say a fine tipped synthetic bristle brush would be best.

    What does fine tipped mean?

    What considerations do I need to make about the surrounding surfaces? If I accidentally splash some casein distemper on a modern wall would this be difficult to paint over with Estate or Modern Emulsion?

    What is the best pattern to brush this on with and then lay it off?

    Pleae advise

    Best, Phoebe

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  3. phoebe goldup

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    Phone F&B technical but my understanding is to apply for by brush.

    Fine tip brush is the best sort where the ends of the synthetic bristles are feathery and thinner.. Like

    Just paint in bands top to the bottom moving along with a 3-4 inch brush.

    Use a drop cloth (plastic with tape at top) brewers sell a 2.8m drop if you want to protect walls but distemper will wash off even when dry. It's like coloured chalk and a bit softer then contract emulsion.
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    Thanks @Wayners that was just the advice i needed!

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    Phoebe surely Wayners merits a 'like' for that advice? :)
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    Thank you! I had no idea what the currency was on here.
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    Although I have not used F&Ball casein, many years ago I had to paint two big walls for an art gallery, using powder chalk paint

    Being an unknown product, I used 2 methods:
    -1. Work in box sections and lay off in one direction.

    -2. work in box sections and lay off in random directions

    method number 2 achieved the better result and the weapon of choice, a 6-7” Heffers Flat brush.
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