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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by SC, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. SC

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    I'm about to install CAT5 network, combined TV/FM aerial and phone cable. The cable will be run though the suspended floor void and can be kept separate and clear of mains cabling, but the outlets will all be on the same plate (again no mains in the same box). Anyone know if there likely to be any problem with interference between the network and aerial wiring? The aerial amplifier and network hub will be installed adjacent to each other but can have a slight separation between them.
  2. chrissmiff

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    As a professional computer cabling installer, we have not had any problems installing CAT5, TV/FM and phone sockets in one outlet box. What I would recommend is you install Cat5e or even Cat6. This is related to the speed of data between your computers, as computer data speeds increases at an alarming rate, you don't want to be rewiring your network in a year or too.
  3. SC

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    Thanks, good to get a reassurance from a pro! The network will in fact be CAT5E so should last me a while. Thankfully access to the floor void is easy so not too much chasing out plaster.


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