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  1. Marine boy

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    Any recommendations from you professionals re painters caulk? I’ve used various brands which are supposed to be over paintable and indeed they are but some never dry and remain sticky, and also under matt paints they show through as a glossy line. I’d like to use a brand that I can trust to produce consistent results.
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Depends on paint.. Ask 10 people get 10 different answers.

    I like nemesis mighty decorators caulk but keep it at room temperature... Summer I can paint over same day but not if its cold and damp like today. Also durable emulsions can play up over and it helps to fill gaps prior to limit the about of caulk used.
  3. CGN

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  4. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Arkema owns Bostic owns den braven which has a subsidiary called Siroflex who make caulk for screwfix like nemesis and own brand caulks. Was said there are very few manufacturers of caulk. I think some is better as has less water content while others free flows for long quick runs and tends to be cheap as more water than acrylic solids.
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    Had trouble with the soudal CGN. I caulked around all the edges of a lined wall prior to emulsioning all went well, returned to the address a couple of weeks later on another job and the every wall had a what looked like a greasy dark line where the caulk was, ended up sealing over it with 123 and re emulsioning over.:(
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  6. CGN

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    Interesting Astra. Seems to work ok for what I do, but I'm not painting all the time.
  7. Marine boy

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    Thanks for those replies fellas. Good idea to overpaint with 123 before emulsioning.
  8. Offshore

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    Also had problems with several Soudal products. I find the No-Nonsense brand to be good for sealants and adhesives. Mrs Offshore is the decorator in our house and swears by Polyfilla decorator's caulk.
  9. polybear

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    Are there particular issues when overpainting with durable paints then, and are there any tricks to avoid it - assuming the caulk is "well-cured" (1 week +)?
  10. Wayners

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    Durable emulsion seem to be a problem.. It's all hit and miss..
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    I’ve been successful with this brand

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