Cause of damp internal wall?

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    3547FD8C-B68C-4740-8A02-BD031C4FDC07.jpeg Hello,

    I live in a 1900’s Victorian terrace and have a damp patch in my dining room that looks like rising damp. The wall has bubbled slightly and there’s powdery salt deposits on the wall. However, I know there was damp proof course done in the 80’s and we recently had our floorboards up and it was completely dry underneath. I was wondering if anyone has idea what else could cause it? Pictures attached.

    The wall is internal with the kitchen the other side. I’m unable to see the other side of the wall due to the kitchen cabinets covering it. The kitchen sink is on a completely different side of the kitchen so it can’t be due to a leak there.

    We’ve also had the radiator checked for leaks but no sign of anything.

    I did have my bathroom done last year (just above the affected wall) and there was a small leak from the toilet, which was quickly rectified but it left a small patch on the ceiling. I’m not sure if it’s possible that it could’ve also run down the inside of the wall and then risen up?

    It is also fairly close to where the kitchen roof line is (the kitchen is an extension at the back) but not directly attached. I also wondered if a roof leak could cause it? However, there’s no sign of damp or water damage on the kitchen ceiling.

    In the winter when the heating was on a lot, the damp patch seemed to dry out as it’s behind a radiator (but still with salt deposits).

    As you can tell, I’ve exhausted lots of options but I have no idea if any of them could be likely!

    If it is rising damp, how serious could it become? We only recently decorated (only painting - didn’t notice the problem prior) and I’d hate to have to knock off all the plaster and start again.

    Any theories or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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