Cavity wall advice needed

Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by Diga 66, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Diga 66

    Diga 66 New Member

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can advise.
    We bought a 1930s property and decided to sleeve off/bridge the airbricks that were already there to ventilate the underfloor.

    I heard that the cavities need ventilation too? Will bridging the airbricks afect the cavities?

    We are planning on installing cavity insulation and that’s why we are bridging the airbricks so the EPS beads do not fall out.

    I keep reading negatives about the insulation however we live in the southwest with properties either side of our external walls.
    My assumption is also that if the is no moisture penetrating the external walls(let’s say they are suitable rendered) then the cavity does not need to whisk away any dampness/water away from the internal wall and so can be filled?

    any discussion on the above would be greatly appreciated

  2. jimbobby

    jimbobby Active Member

    Suspended floors need good ventilation or will rot out very quickly.
    Cavity walls were designed to have a "wet" skin" (outside wall) and a "dry" skin (inside wall).
    As to the question of insulating the's a mine field. Also as to Type of insulation.
    Other may advise better than I.
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  3. jimbobby

    jimbobby Active Member

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