Ceiling cabinet feasible?

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this question should be on builder or carpenter's forum, please let me know if I should ask elsewhere.

    We are opening up a wall between kitchen and lounge making it a partial open kitchen with breakfast bar. I'd like to install ceiling cabinets right on top of the breakfast bar but I don't know if this is possible as there will be no wall (apart from ceiling) for the units to be attached or hang onto. Can carpenter/builder make a soffit or something like that on the ceiling to hang cabinet? Or any other solution?

    The ceiling is concrete and the remaining wall on each side is brick wall. The opening is about 130cm wide for 3x40cm wide cabinet.

    wall question.jpg
  2. Allsorts

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    Absolutely not a problem.

    You have a pillar on the left (as seen in your second photo)? And a wall on the right (ditto)? A chippie will have no issues sorting this for you. They'd probably either fit a timber beam across under the units - hidden by light pelmet - or even attach that frame to the ceiling - it really doesn't matter.

    I presume you'll be using 'normal' kitchen units to match existing? They will likely need some matching filler panels to make it fit that gap perfectly.

    But, a piece of whatsit for any decent chippie.
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    Thank you SO much for the reply, this news has made my day.
    I got stressful when I invited a builder to quote for just the wall removal. He told me he does absolutely everything and tried to get me to let him quote for kitchen and bathroom installation as well but he said what I wanted to achieve was quite tricky and expansive (I showed him the same photo in my first post). Thanks again.
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    An experienced kitchen fitter would have no issues with this at all, and would almost certainly enjoy doing something different. As an experienced DIYer I would also not have any problem doing this.

    Yes it will be more involving than simply hanging wall units on a wall, but it isn't rocket science. The issue of having to fill in any gaps on each side would equally exist if you wished to have a normal row of wall units going tightly between two corners - matching fillets or similar required.

    This will add - ooh - an extra half day? to the job, but it is not complex in any sense.
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    The cabinets will need to be custom made as access needed from both sides but as DA said an interesting project.
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    Its similar to my breakfast bar set up except i dont have two walls to fix to, instead i have a chrome pole on the open end off a bracket under the unit going down to the workop for support, my two way opening glass doored unit was off the shelve when fitted 15 years or so back.
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