Ceiling Light Fitting. Used to be downlights

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Snowjoke, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member


    New here and grateful for any help/guidance you can give.

    I have replaced my conservatory roof with a fibre glass one. We boarded and plastered the inside ceiling. However, when this was being done (by a family friend) he left the old light fitting as pictured.

    When we had the conservatory roof we had 5 down lights in a row. The plasterer has cut these in to what you can see now.

    I’m not hopeful here, but is there any chance at all that I don’t need to rip all my new plaster down? I don’t mind having a ceiling rose up there or anything really!

    Replies appreciated.

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  2. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    Is that picture of the only cable sticking out the ceiling ? No others ?
  3. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    You need to get to the wiring above the lighting wires, it is of no use as it is at the moment. No earth for a starter and there is obviously a junction box or worst up there that needs sorting out.
  4. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    The picture is what I have sticking out. There were 5 of them that the downlights each plugged in to, but the plasterer in his wisdom cut it down to one and confidently told me I could get power from it!

    I knew it was a long shot but I was kind of hoping there was some way of plugging in a ceiling rose the same way the downlights were.

    Looks like a chopping job then! Just hope it’s not hiding…..
  5. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    You can cut a slot across the celling to where you want the light. Put the wire in and glue it into place. Then fill over the top with some filler and sand it. Not how it is supposed to be done but it will work.
  6. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    I personaly would not reccommend doing the above. You really do need to get at the wiring behind the lights regardless to sort that out, then you can be sure of no problems later down the line. It never pays to cut corners if you want the job doing right.
  7. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    Problem is they are cutting corners. Family friend has bodged up a celling for them ect... they are asking for help to resolve this with little cost and disruption. Without that caveat obviously the answer is to rip it all out and start again.

    The other possible resolution is if the low voltage cord from the old lights can be located at the other end it could be used as a means of pulling some new 240v lighting cable along the route of the low voltage wire to a point outside of the conservatory celling where it can be connected.
  8. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    cables will probably be clipped to a beam and also will not be continous as there will be jb somewhere in there. Unfortunately yet another classic example of cutting out a real tradesman to save on costs which will now be more costly to rectify. The old saying of if you think a sparks price is expensive, wait till you see the cost of a cowboy.
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  9. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    You're totally right. I've never been in the building trade but I did used to work as a mechanic and I remember 'a dad' trying to change the rear pads on his daughters Mini and trying to explain to him that by the time he has bought the calliper wind-back tool and all the rest of it he might as well just pay me to do it. He didn't listen.
  10. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member

    I don’t know how to quote replies etc and I am grateful people have taken the time to reply.

    I was hoping to see if I could get a feed from what is there, and if so how.

    The insinuation I’ve cut corners or bodged it is a bit of a stretch. I had a plasterer come round a do a ‘foreigner’ for me. He’s a family friend and I feel a bit awkward moaning about what he’s done to the lights. In my limited experience with plasterers they’re not all that sympathetic to electrical works sticking out if they’re causing them a hinderance.

    There were no cowboys or cutting out a real tradesman.

    The cables won’t be clipped to a beam as it was a conservatory roof, as in no wood. It was a metal frame. Thanks for making another incorrect assumption.

    eJenner - I do appreciate your idea, I just don’t know how to get the feed.

    I was looking for advice for a temporary fix, not people taking the moral high ground.
  11. sparky steve

    sparky steve Screwfix Select

    Maybe try an inspection camera through the existing hole to see if the cable routes can be seen? Then maybe you will be able to locate the feed cable (230v supply).
  12. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    Sorry mate, you may not have had the answers that you wanted, ie a quick fix or how can i do it now that it is obviously not been done right to begin with, you have had no incorrect assumptions or anyone taking the moral high ground. Just trying to give you an honest and unbiased opinion of what needs to be done in order for you to have the electrical work done correctly. Using a friend who is a plaster is all well and good to get the ceiling plastered but if the plasterer leaves the cables poking out like this and telling you it is ok, then why are you on here asking in the first place? The way to do the electrical work is easy for a spark to sort out or you do it yourself, the big thing here is are you going to do any damage to the now existing plaster work, without actually viewing the job it is difficult to say so I assume good practice and cables will be clipped. If they are loose and just thrown in then you may have a chance of pulling a fresh cable in, but if you had 3 or 4 lights originally and now only have 1 cable comming through where you can see it, it is a bit obvious there are live cables up there attached to nothing, these need to be looked at and sorted out, if you wish to leave it as it is currently you will not create any damage to the plaster work that you have had done. The electrical work should have been done first and not retrospect. Now you have two choices, either get a spark in to test and look at it for you and ask his opinion, The top and bottom of this is that you may feel awkward towards your family friend but you have to live with this and suffer any problems that may arise. I am telling you as a registered spark that what you have at the moment is wrong and not something that a pro would do or leave. No moral high ground has been suggested to you, you have received free advice and advice on what your options are. I don't expect thanks from you as I am sure that you simply expect it and only want to hear an easy fix. Sorry but this is not that kind of job without making assumptions as I havent seen it, but even without seeing it I am pretty much sure that there will be an element of damage needed in order to fix your problem.
  13. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    Hi OP, just looking at this thread for the first time. It looks to me that what is sticking out is a low voltage cable or a link cable as it has a male 2 pin connector on, I wouldn't expect to see that on the supply, its not twin & earth, so there is stuff still buried up there, ie the supply, other connections to lights etc.

    Unfortunately to get at that you are going to have to mess up your plaster. My suggestion in the first place would be to mark a circle around the wire poking out the size of a downlight hole, then with the power off and a padsaw carefully cut it out, have a look up in there, see what is what, if the wires are still above the previous light positions it may be possible to carefully mark out and re-cut the holes.

    Failing that I don't see many options other than tearing down the board and starting again.
  14. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member

    Again with your assumptions!

    I said thank you on more than one occasion. I don’t ‘expect’ anything from anyone and I’m appreciative of anyone taking their time to offer genuine advice. You haven’t done that.

    I’m not looking for quick fixes, I asked a question. Others have given honest opinions without patronising. Try it sometime. Or keep being bitter.

    Thank you to eJenner, Tony Goddard and sparky steve. All good suggestions and I thank you all so very much
  15. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    @Snowjoke to quote click on the little "Reply" word in the bottom right of the post next to "Like"

    If this was a conservatory, did it have a clear roof? You may be able to see the cable and any joint boxes from above then you would know where to cut into the ceiling, just a thought.
  16. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    Unbelievable. People never stop surprising me. Your problem mate not others problems, you ought to stick with your cowboys.
  17. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member

    But you don’t make assumptions!
    Keep up with your condescending comments to make yourself feel superior.
  18. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member

    Thanks for that.

    I’ve had a look from above, can’t see anything now. Thanks for the idea, though.
  19. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    Mate, not being funny but how can you not make assumptions when you simply pop a picture of your piece of cable poking through your ceiling then asking for help on how to get to the feed!! I do not need to make myself feel superior, I am a registered spark trying to help you with a bit of advice and give you my time. I think you ought to read back through my posts as I am failing to see where you get this odd idea from. Anyway no problem, I have no more time for you as I really cannot be bothered with the likes of yourself. Hope you get your problem sorted as it really does need sorting.
  20. Snowjoke

    Snowjoke New Member

    So have you made assumptions or not? Because now you’re adding contradictions to your nonsense!

    If you’re failing to see where I take issue then just re-read your comments and compare them to the other responses. You’re the one going on about cowboys etc when you have no clue whatsoever.

    Yes, I asked for some advice. It’s not a crime. This forum is for diy-ers and the like to seek help from others. I wanted to see if, as I suspected, I needed to chop back the plaster to get at the wires. Others have offered genuine help/guidance without being condescending.

    Jog on and give your precious time to someone who wants to patronised.

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