Ceiling Paint peeling - while decorating

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Phil and Gina, Jul 31, 2021.

  1. Phil and Gina

    Phil and Gina New Member

    Hello all,

    We hope you are well.

    We are currently decorating all of our bedrooms. House is a new build (2 years ago) and going through the first decoration cycle. However on painting the ceiling we are noticing peeling of the ceiling along plasterboard joints/on filed plasterboard screws. It looks like the original paint didn't have a mist coat on the plasterboard or paint didn't adhere to this. I should note that the ceiling hasn't been skimmed with plaster.

    When this started to happen for the first three patches we stopped painting the ceiling and completed the following:
    - Sand edges, Peel stop, Filled with Toutpret, sanded and primed with bulls-eye 123 based on similar responses on the forum.

    However we then proceeded to continue with the painting when everything had resolved. But we are now in a situation where we now have approx 17 peels in a 3 x 3 room. While I can complete the above steps again for each paint peel I wander whether this is just 'patching' the issue.

    Should we just peel all of the flaking paint off and start again with the bare plasterboard? We are also similarly concerned that this will happen in other rooms, any advice on how to stop this from happening?

    Should we do a peel stop coat as an undercoat for the entire ceiling? Or have each ceiling skimmed?

    Thank you for your replies!

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  2. Phil and Gina

    Phil and Gina New Member

    Updated with new pictures - in each case the plasterboard underneath the paint appears dusty and there is no sign of a feather in the drywall compound.

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  3. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    How easy is it to get all that paint off? Scraper and remove?
    You can stick duck tape on and pull off.
    Also carpet protection sticky plastic but maybe leave on over night and pull can remove paint if not stuck well.
    Then a coat of gardz. Spot fill and paint with something other than contract emulsion. You need a vinyl paint.

    Other fix although it's a cover up is coverstain. That will give waterproof barrier and stop the builders emulsion getting damp and blowing off. I'd rather get back to good and paint myself
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  4. Phil and Gina

    Phil and Gina New Member

    Thanks Wayners - well to be honest I haven't gotten to the second coat yet - so likely more will end up coming off (seems to be around all of the rubbish drywall compound/screws).

    Will need to get some Gardz (I find the whole product range incredibly confusing - seems like they all have some overlap)!
    I was thinking of sanding the whole thing down with an random orbit sander and starting again from the fresh plasterboard - at least then I know its stable for now and the future - it may also be less time consuming than having to fill so many patches. Do you foresee any risks with this?

    I should mention that we have 5 bedrooms to do - so likely this will be an issue in every room. The paint of choice for us is Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt (brilliant white).
  5. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Bodge orbital on vacuum then. Also try the tape trick and see what happens.

    I'd just get the paint off. Try spraying water on to soften and scrape.
    Gardz and fill. Spot prime filler with gardz and paint
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  6. Phil and Gina

    Phil and Gina New Member

    Right - got an update for you!

    Ceiling paint has been taken off. I have 'burnt' through some of the paper - but plan to use Gardz to repair this. Left about an inch of paint around the edges/corners.

    There is some tape showing through some of the joints (these were visible through ceiling before hand via cracks in the ceiling). What would be the best thing to do here? Refill with filler or redo the joint (i.e. sand back to the joint and reapply the tape). I should note I am absolutely a novice here (albeit plenty of youtube video watching).

    It was clear the ceiling wasn't primed before they had painted and the filler was never feathered to a smooth edge.

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  7. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Will tape pull away as I do remove tapes, gardz and fit new tapes
  8. Phil and Gina

    Phil and Gina New Member

    Hi all,

    We have now applied the Gardz to the ceiling and the 'burnt' paper is feeling much better.

    On another note were investigating why the some of the mesh joints failed and it seems like the builders screwed the 'butt edges' of the plasterboard too close to the edge (literally 1mm from the edge) and now its cracking here.



    Looking in the loft space - the wooden beam isn't level with the joint hence why they screwed so close to the joint.

    Question - Do we cut of the cracked drywall before replacing the wooden baton, either for something wider or on the perpendicular to the joint? We have drawn the situation out below along with the proposed solutions.

    Or do you think this is a lost cause and will need a professional to come and do it? We did want to try it ourselves first - we have learnt a lot about the house doing this decoration process.


  9. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    I use wedi washers with one screw through the join after scratching the surface to help sink washer below surface. The washer bridges both boards.

    Sound's like you may need tradesman to look at it.

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