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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Will Bouette, Nov 2, 2022.

  1. Will Bouette

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    i am currently renovating my staircase, which I believe used to be walled in. At some point before I lived here someone had removed this wall and covered the gap at the top where the wall used to be with pine planks. It was pretty rubbish and full of caulk so I have today removed it. Now deciding what to do next…

    as you can see in the photos there is a fairly large gap which is about 1“ deep and exposes a steel girder.

    the easiest route for me would be to fit some new wooden trim and generally do a much neater job, but could someone advice the best approach if I wanted to fill/plaster the gap and get a nice square edge?

    thanks in advance,


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  2. Resmond

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    Cut the plaster back with a straight edge then stick some plasterboard to the rsj with insta stick or similar low expansion foam adhesive, might need to pack it out a bit to get it level
  3. Ross Curtis

    Ross Curtis Member

    As said - plasterboard, scrim, bead, skim.

    I've recently done a similar repair on mine, I hacked the skim off enough on the existing board to get appropriate scrim/ bead in and then skimmed it and feathered it. Looks like it was made like that.

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