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  1. Rockyboy

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    Hi all, I’m hoping someone can please advise on the best practise for soundproofing a ceiling.

    My property is currently in a house conversion, my flat is a 2bed ground floor with 2 1bed flats above (different owners).
    I am currently splitting my flat into 2 seperate flats, I have now finishing off the second flat but seeing as I will be officially registering the flats as seperate units I need to ensure the properties pass all sound test regulations.

    My builder is in the process of removing the old ceiling and I need to obviously newly insulate and sound proof it and I wanted to get some advice on how best to do this.

    Prior to removing the ceiling the noise from the above flat was really bad, they have a carpet but it looks like there was no real sound proofing or insultation added when it was originally converted.

    I hope the picture helps.

    Many thanks in advance!!!

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  2. Jord86

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    Short answer, rockwool acoustic batts between the joists then sound bloc blue plasterboard screwed to the joists. If you had the height you could fit a suspended ceiling and insulate further, but it's how far you go.
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  3. Rockyboy

    Rockyboy New Member

    Hi, many thanks for the tip, I’m not sure how much depth I would need for a suspended ceiling but that would probably the preferred option assuming it’s substantially better then screwing soundbloc starighy to the joists. The room is about 2.8m so quite tall but only have about 20cm to the top of the windows.
  4. Peterdevon

    Peterdevon Active Member

    The last one I worked on had isolation bars on the joists and the ceiling screwed to them and also on the top of the joist a dense rubber / foam to isolate the floor
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  5. Rockyboy

    Rockyboy New Member

    Many thanks for the advice all!
  6. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    Most manufacturers have standard details to comply with building regs. https://www.rockwool.com/applications/ceilings/

    Speak to building control before you do the work to make sure they are happy with the detail and if they want to inspect it. It'll be expensive shortcut if you don't give them a call
  7. wartonwoodworks

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    Hello Rockyboy,

    good soundproofing is achieved by a combination of things, such as heavy mass, isolation, dampening, and air tightness.

    I believe you could try the following steps:

    1. Remove the plasterboard on your existing ceiling.
    2. Install acoustic grade rockwool between the timber joists in your ceiling. This will help to dampen and muffle the sound.
    3. Screw 15mm acoustic grade plasterboard to your ceiling. This is dense plasterboard that has good sound blocking properties, offering a good amount of mass.
    4. If noise levels are still unacceptable after the above stages, you could double up on the acoustic plasterboard. If you really want to go over the top, you could create a suspended timber framed ceiling under your plasterboard to give you another air gap, then finish with more plasterboard.
    You may be interested to check out this post, which shows a garage being soundproofed with acoustic rockwool and plasterboard.

    I hope this helps,

  8. ginger tuffs

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    i would of hope he sorted this out its from november 2018

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