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    Hey i have wood-chip ceiling, looks healthy in that their does not to be any seems coming off, I did paint it a while back about ten years ago but now am looking to paint it again to freshen it up
    my question is this what is the process of preparation
    do i clean it with sugar soap or warm soapy (fiery liquid)
    do i use zinsser guardz after
    and lastly I read that I might need to use some light goldflex pads to give it a little key ?????
    and lastly I bought some long pile sleeves
    and lastly last what is the best paint for a flat finish of wood-chip wallpaper ]
    I really don't want to remove the wood-chip kind like it and plus I've removed all other rooms wallpaper and been stung with the amount of holes dents and flaking paint

    (Saw tikkurikka as a good flat finish)?? or is dulux trade brilliant white another option
    Please advice
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    Over wood chip any decent paint will be fine as won't look patchy vs flat surface.

    Sugar soap is not soap. It's a chemical cleaner and won't leave a residue like washing liquid.

    Can't sand woodchip so don't try.

    Quick wash over. Let it dry and paint.

    Johnstones cover plus or dulux vinyl matt will do
  3. Itsafirstforme

    Itsafirstforme New Member

    Thanks for the reply
    Should uIse Guardz just in case or is that going too far cautious

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