Cement board on damp wall

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    hi - looking for advice.
    Am looking to tile the walls of a downstairs porch area that has had rising damp. Rising damp problem has very recently been treated (with Dry Rod damp proofing rods) but will be a good 6-8 weeks before is known whether that treatment has been effective - and in the meanwhile I need to get on with the job.

    So my question is about best approach to fixing cement board (e.g. hardibacker) onto the masonry in a way that factors in that the damp proofing treatment may or may not prove effective. Options I am thinking about:

    1. Cover the brickwork with tanking slurry or similar and then fix cement boards using combination of adhesive and mechanical fixings. Not sure if it is ok to fix in this way to a wall that has had tanking slurry applied?

    2. Fix battens / studding to the wall and drill the cement boards to these instead. Ideally looking to avoid doing this as porch is already small, but if this is deemed the best approach then may have to suck it up.

    Open to suggestions if folk think there are better solutions.

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