Central heating control looking for ideas?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by MGW, Sep 12, 2023.

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    Main problem is hall cools too slow, but there are others, like can't find the by-pass valve, but since no radiator is returning hot water, and the return is hot, some where some how water must be able to by pass the radiators.

    I tried throttling back the lock shield valves same as old house, but realise they need to be nearly wide open to get the flow, the garage where the boiler is has been turned into a flat, and pipes and wiring hidden as a result.

    So looking for ideas.

    The system is an oil boiler using C Plan with two pumps and motorised valves and relays, so two thermostats work the motorised valves and they in turn work the pump and relay and relay fires the boiler. So two dwellings with one central heating system.

    The flat is no problem as seldom used, the main house has a triple and earth cable which changes colours and one core open, clearly a joint some where, but no idea where. So since not sure where the joint is I have used Nest Gen 3 so from main house I can control both CH and DHW and keep the thermostat charged with two wires, so only location for Nest is the hall as that is where the cables go.

    If I put Nest on a cradle then if we get a power cut the thermostat will loose power, so not keen on that idea.

    The DHW heating is about to be changed with an iboost, so will heat DHW in summer using solar, but there is no valve to turn off flow to hot coil, so in winter will be heated by central heating.

    Favourite idea at moment is a second thermostat in parallel in the living room, wireless with simple batteries, so if we light a fire Nest will still fire boiler for rest of house, and if the batteries go flat in second thermostat again Nest will take over.

    However did that in mothers house and it was not that good, as the programmable thermostat got stuck on, and seems the TRV's had not been set, so room over heated. OK with TRV's set room will not over heat, but boiler will be cycling.

    I can monitor the living room now, upload_2023-9-12_9-22-12.png and Flat Battery TRV.jpg both will show me room temperature but don't know how to make them work a relay to fire boiler, that would seem best idea, Kasa and Mihome from TPLink and Energenie so any ideas please.

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