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    I am looking for a controller that has the functionality to independently AUTO control the CH and HW, the controller we have at the minute, AUTO controls CH & HW together, but i want to have the CH on for 4 hours in the evening and the HW on for 2 hours in the evening. I found this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Digital-Programmer-Central-Heating-Thermostat/dp/B0076Z97V0, but the reviews are not good.

    Any help appreciated.
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    1. My preferred programmer is the Drayton Lifestyle series. You'd need a two channel controller like the LP522 or LP722.
    2. Before spending any money, make sure your system can cope with the heating and hot water being independent. You need fully pumped heating and hot water. Gravity hot water won't do it.
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  3. Peterdevon

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    And you need a motorised valve/s
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    Cheers guys, i've ordered the Drayton LP522 and a Drayton RF601 digistat to replace the existing stat which is in a useless location. The system is fully pumped with a motorised valve for CH and a motorised valve for HW. The system is a 2 zone S plan.

    The reason i'm doing this is because when the CH is on, without the HW, the rad temperatures are approx 45 - 50 degrees, but as soon as the HW comes on the rad temps drop by about 5 degrees.
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    The system might need balanced.
    The heating pipes to the cylinder could be robbing the performance of the circulating pump and boiler.
    Although it is a much better idea to use the hot water separately when possible
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    When you say balanced, do you mean the rads, or are you talking about balancing between the 2 zones? the CH and the HW? if you mean balancing between the 2 zones, can you tell me how you would do this. I've balanced the rads before, but never balanced zones.


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