Central heating eng/electrician needed in Hall Green, West Mids, B28.

Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by PFSC, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Looking for a heating engineer that's good with electrics!

    We've a problem with our central heating. The control box - or 'Wiring Centre' as it's properly named - for the twin Grundfos pumps has gone pop. This box came as part of the Grundfos Pump Plan kit, but Grundfos stopped supplying the control box a few years ago.

    The box has a PCB inside it, with a small relay, a couple or three resistors, and a 2.5 quick blow fuse. The pumps, stats, and boiler are all wired into this.

    Research tells me that someone with the right electrical knowledge will be able to either re-work the box, or bypass it completely and get the pumps and boiler working again. We currently have no heating or hot water!

    There is nothing wrong with the pumps. The boiler is a Baxi and is only around 3 yrs old.

    Many thanks.
  2. Alan sherriff

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    I am not in favour on this type of system and fair finding is difficult of you can locate your !motorised valves there a slider control move it across to manual and lock it down there it will sit to supply you hot water and central he hopefully
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    Guessing after 18 months it’s been sorted out

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