Central heating loss of pressure

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  1. Arturo

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    Advice please!
    My 5 year old Ariston Clas HE 38 gas boiler has been and still is a real pain.
    In its short life it's had a new PCB, an additional external expansion tank, PRV, then weeping water valves.
    Now it's losing pressure intermittently. One day 1 bar next several 0.2 bar losses, then 0.5 etc.
    Have tried plumber who has suggested it may be a central heating leak or possibly heat exchanger.
    Tested system for 24 hours cold with flow and return isolated at a pressure of 1.5. Opened flow and return and there was no change and shows 1.5 on an open circuit. Will set it down to 1.0 before restarting.

    Recently the plumber I called in showed me the condensation trap with red coating and lots of tiny bits in the bottom. He said the heat exchanger showed corrosion but not that much. He says it's not worth replacing and to change the boiler but it may not be the cause.
    Is it normal for the condensation trap to be dirty and the heat exchanger to show some degradation after 5 years?
    Does the 24 hour test with no loss of pressure give me hope that the central heating pipes are sound ?
    New boiler is so which make, how much should it cost ? Or do I go for a Leak test company?
  2. KIAB

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    Leak additive is only a bodge in my opinion, better to solve the problem than patch it.

    You will usually find a bit of sediment in the condensation trap, here it's miniscule amount.

    As to boilers, I'm a fan of Vaillant, had then in all my places over the last 25 years, never had a break down,only problem I had was with my 824, a blocked heat exchanger, not bad after about 9 years use & hard water.

    Do fit fit a magnetic filter to your system if you don't already have one, the Magnaclean Pro 2, can highly recommend it, & among the best available.
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  3. Arturo

    Arturo New Member

    Many thanks, yes it has amagnaclean fitted and it is awesome what it collects in a year from what is a relatively new system.
  4. Eekaleakdetection

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    i second the magnaclean pro 2

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