Ceramic v's Porcelain

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by r2d2, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. r2d2

    r2d2 New Member

    Maybe the wrong forum but here goes anyway.
    Which is the hardest, Ceramic or Porcelain?. I reckon ceramic but could be wrong. Could win a bet with a mate here. Any veiws welcome.
    Regards r2d2.
  2. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    get your wallet out
  3. I'll take some of that action.....sell ceramic and buy porcelain, now who'll start me with the spread....

    My mispent youth is shining through.....:)
  4. Stoday

    Stoday New Member

    If you buy crockery, which is the more expensive - China or pot ("stoneware")

    Porcelain tiles are fully vitrified & made from same sort of clays as china. Don't need glazing.

    Ceramic tiles are similar to pot. Need glazing for a glazed finish.
  5. Stoday

    Stoday New Member

    Sorry - you asked which is the harder, not the more expensive.

  6. jenros

    jenros New Member

    was asked to tile an exterior swim pool and pool side area, the customer told me that he wanted to use porcelin rather than ceramic.my first thoughts were "kin ell" this guy must be minted,my thoughts of porcelin were these tiny figureenes that my mother warned me time and time again if we visited friends not to touch coz they cost a "fortune". having looked into it ,yes it was a little more expensive to by but..... porcelin will not crack in frost unlike ceramics and apparantly there are put into the kilns and fired twice to achive this.(just thought i'd share this bit of useless info with you)
  7. r2d2

    r2d2 New Member

    Look's like its get the wallet out time. Regards r2d2.
  8. Stoday

    Stoday New Member

    You can find reasonably priced porcelain tiles here. He imports from Turkey.


    They have offices & showroom in Ipswich.
  9. simwall

    simwall New Member

    Bit late with the post but hear goes, porcelain tiles are the same colour all the way through so if you do manage to chip one you will hardly notice it, unlike ceramics, you chip a ceramic and the biscuit starts to wink at you from underneath!!!!!
  10. RichyRich

    RichyRich New Member


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  11. The cost to fit isn't horrendous, it's probably 10% more than ceramics.

    And all the diamond coated drill bits are freely available direct from the producer at a fraction of the price of the site mentioned above:-


    365drills? If you want to see the horrendous cost of something, compare their prices to Richon Tools.
  12. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I find that I generally use an adhesive suitable for Porcelain whether using Porcelain or Ceramics, so the only extra cost is drilling the tiles which is maybe £10 maximum per Bathroom.

    Even if I was using adhesive specific to the tile product it still doesn't break the bank, maybe £20 extra per 20sq/m or so.

    Cutting Porcelain is marginally harder than Ceramic but certainly not significantly slower.
  13. mj

    mj Guest

    Perhaps they're trying to justify there own extortionate costs
    £20 a hole (in tiles) he must be avin a laugh. You can buy a ready made hole in prague for well under £20 & it's been well drilled ;)
  14. John007

    John007 New Member


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  15. problem

    problem New Member

    How much of a share do you have in that company then?


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