CH pipes in concrete floor

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by 2shortplanks, Nov 14, 2017.

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    I'm going to look at a job tonight, pipe in concrete floor is leaking. I told the guy on the phone that the best option would be to bypass the pipe(s) and run the pipework above the floor, but he doesn't think that is practical. So if I dig it out and replace, what's the best way to go? I was thinking to replace with plastic inside flexible conduit, without any joints if possible, but what about insulation? Is there any means of insulating the pipe in conduit, or just don't bother with insulation?
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    Trying to find a leak in a CH pipe buried in concrete can be a nightmare,almost impossible I say.

    Years ago I ended up digging up about 8mtrs of floor to find a leak in a 22mm pipe,totally crazy, like your customer, he wouldn't reroute.:mad:
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    Ive come to the point if the customer wont accept professional advice I walk away.
    The sheer amount of work needed to dig up screed, never mind the mess and repair work should make it cost prohibitive, providing your pricing accordingly for your labour.
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    Thanks, yeah common sense isn't it. If only common sense was more, er.. common.
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    Sadly, common is severly lacking for some people,& walking away is the best option.

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