CH4 Grand Designs - House in the Hill

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by 3"CastIron, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. 3"CastIron

    3"CastIron New Member

    Anyone see this one yesterday? Amazing development which completed on schedule.

    Did the work complete within budget i.e. £350,000 as I think they omitted to confirm this?

    They had that steep hill to contend with getting matarials and plant up to site and also purchased additional neighbouring land for a garden and still had to complete and sell the original property on site.
  2. andy2004

    andy2004 New Member

    They reckon that they came in under budget at the end.
  3. mudhut

    mudhut New Member

    sharp contrast to the curvey house built for the "nice old lady" in the west country. i said they should have built in blocks! i suppose all those dead straight lines and square coreners helped.
  4. andy2004

    andy2004 New Member

    The design was great to look at and I liked the copper roof, however I would not fancy the bill for heating the place and what about some curtains or blinds in the bedroom!
  5. jackpot

    jackpot New Member

    Came in under budget. Thought the 2 living and dining rooms bit pointless tho since only the 2 of them living there. Then again if it was my house i certainly would not be complaining.
  6. cofa

    cofa New Member

    The project was well done and it was a great house, but I couldn't help thinking the finished article reminded me of a posh version of the Big Brother house.
  7. slapiton

    slapiton New Member

    wot about the blocklayers? 800 concrete blocks a day! and she was moaning cause they wouldn,t work in the snow. chippies humping 9"x3"s up hillside, no wonder it was under budget.

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