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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by t3stin, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. t3stin

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    Am I right in thinking I need to cut the pipes to do this? No obvious place to disconnect the copper pipes / tails. Looks tapered and I assume soldiered. So my question would be where / how low do I cut the hot and cold pipes and secondly what fittings I need to make them usable with the new sink / tap ( I believe they came with Flexi pipes). Thanks for any help! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Wayners

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    Yes. You going to use flexible tap tails (pipes) to fit new tap? If so think about where you are cutting the current pipes. Cut high up then adjust length later to fit flex pipes after sink taps have been fitted. 15mm copper pipes is what you have. Use a 15mm pipe cutter £10 ish.
    Do you need link? New flex pipes just screw into new tap but just nip up. Don't over tighten them. Push fit or compression on the 15mm copper flex pipes you have?
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  3. t3stin

    t3stin New Member

    The only thing with a pipe cutter is that they are very close together so would I be able to use one? They look like braided Flexi tails, one end has a small thread and the other a large nut? Is that compression fit? Do I need a connector to do the nut up on the cut pipe? A link would be good if there is a cutter you would suggest, iv taken a look and there seems to be alot of choice and difference in price. Thanks for your help!

  4. Wayners

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    Undo that silver compression elbow on the one pipe and bend it out. Cut the pipe as near to tap as you can. Then just fit back on. Watch youtube for how compression fittings work. Cutter here. Again watch youtube on how to use. You will want this to as well made with tight jaws and a pair of mole grips. Tip... Put I tiny tiny tiny bit on vasiline on compression thread. It really makes all the difference when you nip up. Don't get that grinding and gripping. Just nip up. Don't dog tighten. If you think it's leaking you can nip up a little more but some DIY plumbing get in trouble by over tightening
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  5. CraigMcK

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    The pipes going into the tap are the older version of the flexible now available and will not be 15mm along their length. I would look to cut the pipes running horizontally, then unscrew them from the tap.
    I don't think you will be able to get the tap out without removing them anyway as the pipes at the bottom are normally wider than the hole in the sink
  6. t3stin

    t3stin New Member

    Thanks for all the information guys, hit a snag as the DIY stores were shut by the time I was done installing the new kitchen units and worktop thus haven't got the tap connected but there end of the braided tails isn't just going to screw on to the cut ends so what connector would I need please (cut copper pipe to braided tails threaded nut)?
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  8. t3stin

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  9. Heat

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    The copper pipe tails should not have been soldered directly onto the pipework. I normally would always say soldered fittings are the best method of joining copper, but not for final connection to taps. Should have been brass fittings ideally.
    If you disconnect the compression fitting, pull the pipe out from the other a little, so you have room for a pipe slice. Then cut the other tail above the soldered fitting, move tails tight together and tap can be removed once you remove fixing bracket below sink.
  10. Adrian.

    Adrian. New Member

    Hope you got your tap tails hooked up now but if not already done you might have considered the push-fit connectors. I sometimes have such a fiddle trying to get compression fittings water tight while the push fittings seal first time .
  11. t3stin

    t3stin New Member

    All sorted thanks, I did consider push-fit but presumed they would be more liable to leak!

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  12. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

    send us a photo :)
  13. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Diy plumbing. This was me when I was younger. Christening the place :) hope this forum helped avoid problems

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