Changing the blade on a TITAN TTB598MSW

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Michael Burke, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Michael Burke

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    Hi everyone,

    I bought a TITAN TTB598MSW sliding mitre saw during the christmas to assist me with some jobs I have in the home (currently building a cabinet). The saw comes with a multipurpose TCT blade attatched to it, but I bought a blade specifically for cutting wood for a fine finish.

    The problem I have though is that I'm not sure how to change the blade, and there's no mention of it in the manual that came with it. I've removed the screw on the left hand side which holds a black plate which the plastic guard attaches to. It slides down but it doesn't slide down enough for me to get at the allen bolt holding the blade in place.

    If anyone could give me an idea about what to do I'd appreciate it. I'm currently doing the carcassing/frame of the cabinet so rough finishes aren't too much of a problem. But I'm going to be moving on to finer cuts shortly and I'd like to be able to change the blade for then!
  2. KIAB

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    Does this help, couldn't find eglish version.

    As to blades look at Freud 210mm blades, excellent quailty.
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