'Charlotte' High Level Cistern / Victorian Toliet Leaking

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    Thanks for the replies. I will get the mcAlpine. The grey waste elbow it connects to must have had the end piece sawn off. My original pan connector does push into this, however it doesn’t seem like a totally snug fit. If I look closely I can see the rubber seal from the pan connector. I believe this is causing a leak but also from the front of the pan connector where it seeps from the rubber seal also.
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    Ok, so the McAlpine has worked, but now the bloody flushcone is dripping again! This was a new flushcone, any ideas on how to stop this leaking please? When I flush it just must be getting around the fins! Nightmare!
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    Can anyone help on this flushcone please? My mrs is driving me up the wall! I brought a new flushcone, but then had to slide it back out when fitting the new wc pan connector. I made sure the flushcone was pushed back in but still drips! Driving me insane!
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    The flush cone needs to be exchanged every time if the flush pipe is removed/refitted.

    make sure water is not dripping from somewhere else before blaming an item ;)

    as mentioned earlier,the flush pipe must enter the cone 100% straight,it wont seal if misaligned. The wc pan needs to be well secured to the floor to prevent movement in that vulnerable connection.

    Have always preferred the hammer in translucent cones sold by ideal standard,never had problems with them. The cone does not need any lube or silicone although the flush pipe only can have a minuscule wipe with a damp cloth to assist insertion.
    The flange on the plastic cone can have a continuous bead of lsx applied just to glue the flange to the wc. Wedge some light weight batten between the wall and flange so it sets uniformly.

    One job leads to another o_O
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    Thank you "The Teach" I did not know that you had to actually replace a new flushcone when you need to remove the toilet again to put in a new wc pan connector (removed/refitted) If I knew that before I do not think i would have had the issue, so thank you.

    I brought another cone from screwfix and then popped into plumb center to get an additional one. I asked both guys on the counter there about having to change a new flushcone after a toliet is removed for a second time they said they didn't think a new flushcone would result in needing another so I guess they were incorrect in their way of thinking. Shame on them. Anyway, I used the more expensive one from plumb center and so far so good, no leaks.

    I would like to thank everyone for their input on this thread, i have come along way to sorting out the major issues I have had from the previous owner so thanks everyone, it really is appreciated. Just another aload of rooms to get through now!
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