Chasing plumbing into concrete floor?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Jordan Gask, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. Jordan Gask

    Jordan Gask New Member

    I'm currently looking at how to get the plumbing installed for a new kitchen in a room where there are no existing water or foul services. I'm a bit of a novice so trying understand what's possible before I start looking for quotes.

    The nearest plumbing is a hot and cold water feed and foul pipe for the toilet in the garage - there is no waste/drains in the garden so the waste will have to go to the from of the house through the garage (I guess?). I should say that whilst detached, there's only 100mm between my left hand wall and my neighbour's house so running plumbing externally isn't an option.


    I'm considering two options (although there might be more).

    Options considered are running the pipework around the kitchen behind the cabinets and through the brick wall to the back of the washing machine (red lines). Then the waste will need connecting to the existing waste pipe (either pumping over or chasing within garage concrete slab?). Issue with this is that we intend to have a fridge against the left hand wall of the kitchen so we're reluctant to have plumbing running around the perimeter of the room otherwise cabinets will need altering and fridge will need to be offset from the wall to allow pipes to pass behind.

    Also considered is chasing the plumbing directly from the kitchen sink under the concrete floor and into the garage (blue lines). (This has more breaking required but might be tidier overall?).

    Photo below: Garage into kitchen, water feeds and waste to right. washing machine to go on left (behind open door).
    Photo below: Back of garage, not sure where waste goes, I presume under the slab (beneath the doorway) and into the drain seen in the back left corner of the photo.
  2. kiaora

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    You need to consider the distance the hot supply has to run, all the hot water will take time and be wasted before the tap gets hot water. And as soon as the tap is turn off, all the hot water in the pipe would cool down, ready to be wasted net time a hot demand is called.

    looks around 10m from the drawing ?

    In my view it’s worth thinking about a point of use water heater say 15/20lts,
    It would save a lot of wasted hot water, and not a difficult job to do.
    Or expensive
    And hot mains pressure water at the sink

    good luck
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  3. Jordan Gask

    Jordan Gask New Member

    Thanks Peter,

    It's just occurred to me that the cold supply to the toilet would not be potable as it comes from a tank. I suppose the cold water from the mains supply will also need rerouting to the new kitchen.
  4. kiaora

    kiaora Guest

    You definitely need cold mains to a sink, and with a local water heater, hot water ant mains pressure on tap !
    Also, if you run the waste pipe round the wall, to the garage,

    you can plan the drain run from there, (allowing for Roding access)
    Good luck
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