Cheap plugs with plastic pins on work tools

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by sospan, Sep 23, 2018.

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    And suddenly...
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    220-240~ 230v tools are OK!
    For DIY :D
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    I could swear the charger for my Worx (a cheap home DIY brand) has a metal earthing pin.
    That said, provided something is double insulated you don't need an earthing pin, I know I've imported some Chinese things with EU plugs, I just stick a piece of plastic in the earth to open the socket and plug the EU plug right on in, then remove the piece of plastic so the socket shuts upon removal
    Probably not the wisest and awkward if you have to plug the charger in elsewhere. I would get on the phone to the manufacturer and have them send you a new charger with a metal pin, if you're spending that much on your tools everything should be made to take beating, though I hear chargers should universally get a gentle touch as damaging them can damage your batteries; e.g. You go to charge and "bad battery" flashes up, naturally you charge the next thinking it's a bad battery rather than a bad charger, then you're up faeces creek without a paddle, financially speaking.
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    Yeah the charger on my £94 worx "hammer" drill (came with 2 batteries totalling 4.0Ah) is metal.

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