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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by EXPERTGASMAN, Jul 14, 2010.



    I have always used Endex fittings, but they are SO much more expensive than cheap ones from, say, Screwfix. Has any one any REAL reasons to use the dearer ones?, as opposed to my force of habit?
  2. Dreadnaught Heating

    Dreadnaught Heating New Member

    Endex are I believe made by Yorkshire Fitings? (Part of IMI?), so are not at the bargain bucket end of the market.....

    I expect they are also NOT designated as 'Unsuitable for Gas'. (there was an item on the Combustion Chamber ref endfeed fittings from Wickes - marker as such)

    I tend towards the PTS/PlumbCenter bucket way of purchasing, but do get the odd 'dud' with a poor finish to it.

    Sad, ain't it, when price dictates Quality & Choice, punters just could not care less if you used endex/yorkshire/conex/prestex, as long as the price is right.

  3. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Too many dodgy fittings in the cheap buckets. I stick to branded.
  4. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    i always ask for, the absolute best quality fitting available for the least amount of money :) if it leaks, i change it,
  5. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    Only problem with pricing up for using yorshire fittings is it can be the difference between getting the job or not!
  6. midlands heating

    midlands heating New Member

    I use BES and have done for years take some beating on price and never had problem with any of their stuff quality wise

  7. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Always branded stuff for me. The merchant/DIY bargain buckets are usually stuffed full of iffy fittings.
  8. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    the bargain buckets are no good, you don't get enough of the fitting you need and are left with a quarter of a bucket of stuff that roll around in the van for twenty years and come in handy once in a while, but by the time its taken to clean it, you could have gone to the shop and bought a clean one,

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