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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Jerry1, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Jerry1

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    Does anyone use any of these sites and do they work??
    I’m currently just setting up by myself and have a small advert in a local community magazine but that’s it so far

  2. kitfit1

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    Not too shure why you keep asking similar things jerry1. It seems to me you are looking for shortcuts in what ever form to get work ? As i, and others, have said already....................get out there, get yourself know by the quality of your work and the recommends will come. Websites for tradespeople are **** for tradespeople......................they only benefit the peeps that use them to get something done as cheep as possible.
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  3. Cecilb70

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    I don't entirely disagree just that job leads from them are a very mixed bag. It only takes one cheap lead that leads to a lot of work. One in four might be a good average. I can sometimes spot good leads. Don't waste your money on idiots though.
    Many people really don't know how much a job is. Many trades don't either. Unfortunately these sites give to much creedence to the ability of joe p to describe and price his own work.
  4. Longy75

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    Thing is with these sites is that it's the tradesman who has to pay for the leads or a subscription to get the leads so you can get a lot of timewaster customers who want everything cheap. Not saying there isn't a place for these sites, word of mouth is always best but as society gets more computerised and people don't talk to each other anymore, people moving out of area as property is cheaper etc the first place a lot of people go is to these sites, if you use them then try and keep it short term to get your name out there, turn up when you say you will, do a quality job even if it means you take the hit as you may over run slightly and take an interest in them and there projects and you'll soon make a name for yourself.
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