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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Harry Stottle, Jan 19, 2017.

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    I didn't say you supported it Jack, I simply don't know what your thoughts were back in those days, suffice it to say that the Middle East has been envious of the West for years. It's envious of our economic success and better living standards, the sad part is if they would see sense and stop the road to nowhere jihadist activity, they would get help to improve standards. What George Bush and Tony Blair did was crack open a crocodile egg and initiate the killing of thousands of innocent civilians and hundreds of soldiers.
    As for ObamaCare, it's just too expensive, too bureaucratic and as usual it hits the middle classes.
    There's a wave of "populist politics" because Mr & Mrs Ordinary is fed up with putting so much into society and getting so little out. Take council tax for instance, why, because someone has worked hard and saved up to live in a nice house, are they judged to be better able to fork out a lot of money for mediocre services etc., than someone who is freckless and relies on handouts. General elections and referenda are a form of populist politics known as democracy, I don't want to become a citizen in a dictatorship, do you?
    I fear more for my children's welfare if we'd continued on the old path. If more countries drop out of the EU and if Donald Trump delivers, yours and my children will have a much better future than you think.
  2. This is - of course - yet another pointless thread.

    It is not driven by facts or reason or clear-thinking. It's all about 'wishful thinking'.

    'arry and Phil and Probes all have it - the feeling is already inside them, and they chust wish it were true in reality.

    From 'arry's opening post - with its patently misleading suggestion - to a complete descent into denying mm global warming and the cost of Obamacare and that Trump could actually be a brilliant tactician who'll sort it all out, the sheer loonacy is beyond comprehension!

    Pointless. Utterly pointless.

    Wishful thinking that the world is actually the same as what's inside their minds.

    Let's pray that it ain't.

    (Mind you, that's pointless too...)
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  3. I totally get and accept that you want the best for Britain and our children, Harry.

    But I cannot believe you really think that a bunch of right-wing pernicious liars are the ones who will get us there.

    Britain used to be called 'the sick man of Europe' and was seriously heading down the economic pan. After our decades in the EU we are now the world's 5th largest economy. Grrr - how DARE the EU do that for us! As well as giving us the meaning of decency and human rights! As well as offering us security, peace and safety!

    Then came the credit crunch - and all reason flew out the window. This is exactly when we need to pull TOGETHER more than ever before, not divide like in the 20's and 30's.

    Watch it all disappear.

    You are welcome.
  4. Harry Stottle

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    I believe climate change is happening, as it has done for centuries, it's just that I don't subscribe to the fanatical belief that it's of man's doing. In fact climate change is due to natural events such as volcanoes erupting, the Earth's orbit changing, sun spot activity etc. The part attributable to man's efforts is a drop in the ocean and we're beating ourselves up unnecessarily with green taxes, windmills etc. What we should be doing is adapting to the changes because it may get hotter this century and it may well freeze in the 22nd century.
  5. I was with you, Harry, once upon a time.

    But I have had to accept that it is almost certainly true that mm climate change is a genuinely potential catastrophe.
  6. proby

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    Utter rubish brexit has nothing to do with trump being elected its to do with the choices the yanks had to elect president. Brexit was as you well know totally different, you are consistent though managing to turn another thread onto brexit, it's happening stop whinging.

  7. Unbelievable, blinkered, mind controlled drivel.

    Or maybe I should say what I think ?
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  8. I am surprised at you phil for dismissing obamacare so cheaply.

    Affordable health carefor x milion people that couldnt get before.

    Health problems are the single biggest cause of financial problems, poverty etc for so many in the usa. More so than wars, terrorism etc.

    Its why the ambulance chasing, no win no fee legal system has thrived ( notice how its spreading over here too?), because people look for any way to recover their costs to keep themselves solvent. This isnt theory, its well established if you look into the issue rather than believing the headlines, again.

    So, lets remove the health care and put the pressure back onto people who cant afford BASIC healthcare.

    No doubt you would like an american health care system over here too? Good, because its looking more likely every day now. Just imagine, every time your kids or wife are ill you have to pay to see a doctor, and just hope its not life threatening, because the choice? Let the child or wife suffer, or sell everything and live destitute to finance what support you can?

    Our health service isnt perfect, its way overstretched, and its abused by a few (who are traceable), but its way way way better than the alternative.

    If you, or an american can afford better healthcare, thats another issue, but dont take base care away from everybody!

    What happens in usa will happen here sooner or later, as you know.

    So, you support Trump, and the right wing establishment as much as you want. But remember (1 day) i argued against such a vision/reality
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  9. Too much to reply to in detail, but so wrong.

    I dont want to live in a dictatorship. Why have you voted for 1 ? Yes, you have :eek:

  10. Envious of the west?

    You really dont understand the middle east/western issues do you
  11. proby

    proby Active Member

    You have said what you think, rambling drivel.

  12. No, believe me, I kept it polite.

    Headlines are exactly that. A headine, meant to get your attention, not give you facts.

    To get facts you actually have to dig a bit and interpret.

    Headline thinking is obvious amongst many :rolleyes:
  13. proby

    proby Active Member

    What are you rambling about, how did voting brexit get trump elected. You don't really think farage appearing at that rally persuaded millions of yanks to vote for him. They have there own problems with economy unemployment and credible politicians I don't think it very likely the ordinary yank even gave brexit a thought.
  14. You are completely wrong.

    Totally. Undeniably. 100% Farageably.
  15. proby

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  16. As I said -wishful thinking.

    Any respected political analyst or commentator will accept this. Trump won by a tiny margin, and against the actual number of votes.

    It is as true as a true thing that the Brexit vote got enough Americans 'thinking' that the 'anti-establishment' vote was a good thing. The policies espoused by Farage and Trump are nigh-on identical. Their lying rhetoric also.

    Keep on saying that Brexit didn't almost certainly swing it for Trump. It's funny.

    (No it isn't - it's tragic)
  17. proby

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    That's how their system works, same happens here who ever wins never gets a majority of the votes cast no good whinging about it if you lose. It's funny, no tragic that you still harp on about Brexit. Damn think I've got corn I wander what caused that ? Let me think.
  18. Tell us, Probes, that the Brexit vote in the UK didn't almost certainly swing it for Trump.

    Tell us, Probes, that Trump and Farage are not lying from the same hymn sheet.

    We obviously disagree on these two points, but I would like you to say it clearly on here.
  19. proby

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    I don't believe brexit got trump elected, happy. Maybe they would have elected Obama again I don't know but they couldn't so it was down to Clinton And they made the choice. Do I think trump or farage lies,damed right they do they are politicians. But Brexit was right for us and I don't believe for one second it have anything to do with trump getting elected.
  20. longboat

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    Oh how sweet of you too notice. :oops:

    Yes, I did 'actually' like it, as is apparent by my liking of it.
    The little dig, aimed at the feminist brigade was amusing.
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