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    Hi, we are looking to buy a house and in order to maximize the downstairs space we are thinking of removing the chimney breast and the partition wall between kitchen and dinning room.
    We have no experience in building or building regulations and we would appreciate some advice with regards to this.

    What would be the best solution for this, remove the partition wall and the chimney breast downstairs only or remove the full chimney stack (I've attached photos of the plan and the roof chimney)?
    What would the cost of this work would go to £5k+, £10k+, £20k+, as we have to account for this separately of the purchase price.
    What is the cheapest solution and what is the best solution? We rather pay a little bit more for the best solution than to do it all over again in the future.
    What additional work we have to take into consideration other than wall/chimney removal, roof, ceilings, floors, plastering etc. We expect the job will take some time to finish and there will be a lot and lot and lot of dirt!!

    Thank you and appreciate all answers.

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    The wall will almost certainly be structural - you will need an RSJ/I-Beam putting in to support the wall above regardless of whether you take down the whole chimney stack - Taking down the top section and the part in the bedrooms is more straight forward demolition, but will require a lot of making good, repairing the wall and ceiling, filling the hole in the roof etc.

    My advice would be if you are not planning on using the chimney upstairs, why not get rid of it all in one go, one less thing to cause problems in the future, which chimneys frequently do! I took mine down last year, very pleased that I did so.

    Cost wise I would think round here (south west) between £10K & £20K and very messy, be prepared for lots of dust!!

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