Chimney flue liner removal and venting

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    [​IMG]Hi all,

    Have just purchased a converted bungalow with upstairs flat roof dormer.

    I have an internal unused chimney breast downstairs in my living room and the dormer just had a boxed in (with plaster board) metal flue liner. I have cut this flue liner as from floor to ceiling in my upstairs room so that we have more space but my next question is regarding ventilation.

    Our downstairs chimney opening we plan to board over , keeping recess and making it a feature. We will board this with a vent but I'm not sure If I will need some ventilation at the top of this chimney flue, which will be In the floor Upstairs?

    Secondly, I will just remove the remaining 1 or 2 feet of flue liner that is left in the flat roof but to save further costs is it okay to just seal the cowl at the top and stuff with further insulation ( since this will no longer be attached to any chimney flue.

    Have attached a photo for clarity (hope it helps).

    Any help is much appreciated.


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